Honest, ethical and responsible

Research with integrity

The Australian Code of the Responsible Conduct of Research (“the Code”) identifies the broad principles that characterise an honest, ethical and responsible research culture and provides a framework for responsible research conduct.

The principles that UOW and all researchers at UOW must adhere to are:

  • Honesty, rigour & accountability: in the development, undertaking and reporting of research (P1, P2 & P7)
  • Transparency: in declaring interests and reporting research methodology, data and findings (P3)
  • Fairness: in the treatment of others (P4)
  • Respect: for research participants, the wider community, animals and the environment (P5)
  • Recognition: of the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be engaged in research that affects or is of particular significance to them (P6)
  • Promotion: of responsible research practice (P8)

The Code is supported by a series of guides that are designed to assist researchers and institutions in meeting their obligations and drive University policies. Refer to the forms, guidelines and policies tab.

A failure to meet the principles and responsibilities set out in the Code and/or University policy by any Researcher (staff or student), may constitute a breach or, in more serious cases, research misconduct.

The Research Integrity Officer receives and coordinates the assessment of concerns regarding the conduct of research and potential breaches of the Code.

Any person who has a concern about the conduct of research at UOW may wish to speak with a Research Integrity Advisor in the first instance. This discussion will be confidential and it is recommended that if possible, the situation is discussed as a hypothetical.

If the matter is not able to be resolved locally then a formal complaint can be made.

Upon receipt of a formal complaint the research integrity and conduct policy: breaches, concerns and complaints and research integrity breaches, concerns and complaints management procedure will be applied. The key steps involved in assessing a breach, concern or complaint are:

  1. The contents of the form and any attachments will be assessed to identify if it relates to research integrity and whether UOW has authority or jurisdiction over the matter. This assessment will also identify whether any urgent action needs to be taken ie. to protect humans, animals or the environment affected by the research activity.
  2. If a matter is to proceed then a preliminary assessment will be undertaken to determine if there is a legitimate basis for the concern and recommend if the concern can be dismissed, resolved if found to be a minor issue or breach) or referred for formal investigation (major issue or breach).

Lodge a breach, concern or complaint

If you have a concern or would like to lodge a formal complaint regarding the conduct of a research project, please contact the Research Integrity Officer on 4221 4607 or research-integrity@uow.edu.au

The Research Services Office of Ethics and Integrity promotes the responsible conduct of research by providing advice and training to researchers, staff and students in accordance with the Code and UOW’s Research Conduct and Integrity policies. This is achieved through online and face-to-face training and a network of Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs).

Research Integrity Advisors (RIAs) are available to assist researchers, including staff and research students, in conducting research with integrity and advise in resolving difficulties that arise when doing research.

RIAs can help you to understand how to obtain ethical review, publication and dissemination of research findings, authorship, conflicts of interest, and management of research data and primary materials. Research Integrity Advisors can also advise about questionable research practices and the process of making an allegation of a breach of the codes of ethics and conduct.

You can also contact the Research Integrity and Ethics Unit for assistance with any research integrity or ethics matters on research-integrity@uow.edu.au or  uow-humanethics@uow.edu.au.