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UOW Library supports academics and students to achieve research excellence. Our self-help guides and personalised consultations can help you through all stages of the research journey, from finding literature to measuring research impact, supporting grant applications and applying for promotion.

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Publication management at UOW

Elements is UOW’s research outputs management system and is the key source of publication data used by UOW for reporting purposes. Maintaining and updating your publication record in Elements ensures an accurate reflection of your collective research outputs.

Elements is also where UOW academics can manage and update all aspects of their UOW researcher profile, UOW Scholars.

Getting started with UOW Scholars and Elements

Open access publishing agreements

UOW Library participates in open access publishing agreements (Read & Publish agreements) with selected publishers. These agreements allow UOW academics and students to publish eligible article types open access in the journals within these agreements at no cost to the authors.

Once you have identified a selection of potential journals to publish in, and assessed their quality and suitability to your research topic, you can use this guide to determine if your article is eligible to be published open access under one of the agreements.

Learn more about Read & Publish agreements


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Research consultations are available with our librarians. Appointments are available during business hours.

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