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Research and innovation team

Jennifer L Martin AC

Professor Jennifer L Martin is an internationally renowned protein crystallographer and structural biologist. She has made seminal discoveries in bacterial redox biochemistry with the aim of identifying new treatments for antibiotic resistant infections.
Professor Martin’s primary role is to lead the University’s strategy for research and innovation and continue to drive the performance of research across the University. Prior to her current role, Professor Martin held the position of Director of the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery at Griffith University in Queensland.
She is currently President of the Asian Crystallographic Association and a member of the Executive for the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). She was elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2017 and was made a Companion of the Order of Australia in 2018.
She was a founding member of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Steering Committee that established the Athena SWAN pilot to address gender equity in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine, and a member of the NHMRC Women in Health Sciences Committee.

The Research and Innovation Division

The Research and Innovation portfolio is managed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation) Professor Jennifer Martin AC. The teams all emphasise partnership and collaboration to deliver real-world impact. Demonstrating our commitment to innovation by giving great ideas a genuine business incubator pathway.

"We welcome opportunities to share our research and partner with our community. We support each other to enhance UOW’s reputation for research excellence and innovation."

Research and Innovation Division

RSO Executive Jennifer L Martin

Tracy Panton

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

Professor Jennifer L Martin AC

E: jennifer_martin@uow.edu.au

Senior Executive Assistant 

Tracy Panton

T: (02) 4221 3915

E: tpanton@uow.edu.au

RSO team member Sharon Martin- Director


Director, Research Services Office
Sharon Martin

Manages research grants, ethics and data information. Strategic research planning, promotion and reporting. Executive support to University Research Committee.

T: (02) 4221 3928
E: sharonma@uow.edu.au

RSO team member Julie Evans  

Executive Assistant to the Director Sharon Martin

Julie Evans

T: (02) 4221 3386
E: research-services@uow.edu.au

RSO team member Karla House

Executive Assistant to the Director Sharon Martin

Karla House
Currently on leave

T: (02) 4221 3386
E: research-services@uow.edu.au

Clive Baldock

Dean of Graduate Research
Professor Clive Baldock

T: (02) 4221 4033
E: cbaldock@uow.edu.au




RSO Executive Hong Lin Chen  

Associate Dean - Graduate Research
Associate Professor Honglin Chen

View profile

T: (02) 4221 3305
E: honglin@uow.edu.au

Toni Bloor  

Assistant to Dean and Associate Dean
Toni Bloor

T: (02) 4221 4833
E: toni_bloor@uow.edu.au


George Tomka ICR  

(Acting) Senior Manager, Innovation & Commercial Research
George Tomka

E: gtomka@uow.edu.au

Assistant to Senior Manager
Lisa King

T: (02) 4221 5086
E: lisa_king@uow.edu.au

iAccelerate team Omar Khalifa

Chief Executive Officer, iAccelerate
Omar Khalifa

E: omark@uow.edu.au

Assistant to Director

T:  (02) 4239 2150

Sharon Robinson

Executive Director, Global Challenges Program
Senior Professor Sharon Robinson

T: (02) 4221 5753

Assistant to Director
Liz Ragen

T:  (02) 4221 4261
E: elizabeth_ragen@uow.edu.au

Will Price  

Executive Director, Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM)
Professor Will Price

T: (02) 4239 2150
E: will_price@uow.edu.au

Assistant to Director
Narelle Badger

T: (02) 4221 5352
E: narelle_badger@uow.edu.au


Director, Science Space
Mr Stuart Creal

T: (02) 4286 5036
E: stuart_creal@uow.edu.au

Assistant to Director
Kim Noble

T: (02) 4286 5000
E: kim_noble@uow.edu.au

David Adams  

CEO and Executive Director, Illawarra Health & Medical Reserach Institute (IHMRI)
Distinguished Professor David Adams

E: David_adams@uow.edu.au

Assistant to Director
Joanna Harrison

T: (02) 4221 3871
E: joanna_harrison@uow.edu.au

The Research Services Office consists of experienced staff advisors and supports researchers across all aspects of their research process. This team is overseen by Director Ms Sharon Martin.

They can assist with:

  • Research Strategy & Policy Development
  • Research Grants & Fellowships
  • Research Integrity, Ethics (Human & Animal), Biosafety & Export Controls
  • Research Analytics, Systems and Support
  • Research Promotions & Marketing
  • Research Quality & Assessment (Global Rankings ERA & REI)
  • Researcher training and development

General enquiries & administrative support

Karla House & Julie Evans

research-services@uow.edu.au | (02) 4221 3386

Find out more about researcher support

Individual staff listed below

UOW's Global Challenges Program is designed to harness the diverse expertise of world-class researchers from the University of Wollongong to address real-world problems. Global Challenges research teams address problems beyond the scope of a single discipline, in collaboration with industry, government and wider community. Global Challenges drives:

  • Facilitates interdisciplinary research for impact
  • Global Challenges research focuses:
    • Building Resilient Communities
    • Living Well, Longer
    • Making Future Industries
    • Sustaining Coastal & Marine Zones
  • Olivier Ferrer Fund
  • Support & mentoring for EMCRs to build diverse research teams
  • Community and industry partnership development 

General enquiries

Building 20, Level 2.205C
University of Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia

globalchallenges@uow.edu.au | (02) 4221 5116

Administrative Support

Liz Ragen | E: eragen@uow.edu.au | T: 4221 4261

Find out more about the Global Challenges Program

The Innovation and Commercial Research team help guide UOW's world-class researchers to engage with industry. They help explore research and development capabilities, while providing the connections and knowledge to ensure partnerships are mutually beneficial. This team can assist with: 

  • Industry / Business & UOW Researcher Engagement Facilitation
  • Commercial Research Contracts, Tenders, Grants and CRCs
  • Contract Research Consultancies
  • Identification, protection and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property & Innovation

General enquiries:

Innovation and Commercial Research Unit Level 1 Mike Codd Building, Innovation Campus
icr-enquiry@uow.edu.au | 02 4221 5086

Find our more about UOW partnering with industry

Administrative Support:

Lisa King | E: lking@uow.edu.au | T: 4221 5086



George Tomka- Acting Senior Manager

George taps into over 25 years of international experience achieving successful outcomes across business, government and research, to ensure that UOW’s innovative capabilities have lasting value and are accessible to companies. George leads ICRU, engaging with researchers and our networks to maximise the opportunities and build mutually beneficial relationships.

LinkedIn profile


Lisa King- Administrative Assistant

Lisa in the Innovation and Commercial Research Unit’s first point of contact.  Lisa looks after all the administrative tasks for the ICRU and Technology Transfer Office (TTO). When you want to engage with the ICRU contact Lisa on 02 4221 5086 or icr-enquiry@uow.edu.au

ICR- Zahra-Shahbazian

Zahra Shahbazian- Industry Research Manager

As an Industry Research Manager, Zahra leverages her extensive experience with local and NSW industry to identify areas of common strategic research between Industry Partners and UOW staff focussed on translations research and commercialisation. Zahra is specialised in all NSW and Federal funding scheme and is particularly focused on engaging agile SME partners.


Jef Pennings- Industry Research Manager

As an Industry Research Manager, Jef provides strategic advice on industry research engagement, commercial research, and commercialisation to stakeholders in the University. Jef has a particular interest in med-tech and biological science innovation.


Stuart Parker- Commercial Research Manager

As Commercial Research Manager, Stuart is responsible for management of commercial research activities at UOW. Providing advice and guidance across University policies and procedures, Stuart facilitates contractual negotiations between UOW and Industry Partners for Contract Research, Collaborative Research and Consultancy activities.


Julia Frith- Marketing and Reporting Manager

Julia is a marketing and stakeholder engagement expert. As Marketing and Reporting Manager, Julia empowers businesses to harness the power of innovation by marketing the University’s research capabilities to industry primarily through events and digital marketing.   


Deborah Loveday- Industry Research Officer

As Industry Research Officer, Deborah support the commercialisation activities and commercial research at UOW. Deb always provides efficient and accurate advice across University policies and procedures to help guide relationships between UOW Researchers and Industry in contract negotiations and intellectual property considerations.


Robert Beretov- Industry Research Officer

As an Industry Research Officer, Robert also provides technical and administrative support for the Innovation and Commercial Research Unit. Robert helps UOW researchers, UOW professional staff, and Industry partners to explore and initiate commercial research opportunities and commercialisation activities.  

The Graduate Research School is dedicated to supporting research students by managing all aspects of candidature, from enrolment to thesis submission and examination.

The GRS team can assist with:

  • HDR candidature management
  • HDR scholarships
  • HDR data and IT Systems
  • HDR policy & procedures
  • HDR training
  • HDR supervisory development
  • HDR supervision
  • HDR IP management
  • HDR research misconduct

Administrative Support:

Graduate Research School  E: graduate-research-school@uow.edu.au   T: (02) 4221 5452


Clive Baldock  

Professor Clive Baldock

Dean of Graduate Research

T: (02) 4221 4833
E: cbaldock@uow.edu.au

RSO Executive Hong Lin Chen  

Associate Professor Honglin Chen

Associate Dean - Graduate Research

View profile

T: (02) 4221 3305
E: honglin@uow.edu.au

Toni Bloor

Toni Bloor

Assistant to Dean and Associate Dean

T: (02) 4221 4833
E: toni_bloor@uow.edu.au

Graduate Research School

Dr Melissa Thompson

Director, Graduate Research School

T: (02) 4221 3479
E: melissa@uow.edu.au

Erin Smith

HDR Project and Compliance Officer 

T: (02) 4221 4323
E: erin_smith@uow.edu.au

RSO team Abhilash Vijayan

Abhilash Vijayan - HDR student systems project officer

T: (02) 4221 3208
E: abhilash@uow.edu.au 

Alicia Allen

HDR Student Management Officer - Australian Institute for Innovative Materials; Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences - SMAS, SECTE, SCIT (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

T: (02) 4221 5454
E: alicia_allen@uow.edu.au

Enia Caires 

HDR Student Management Officer - Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences - CME, Physics, MMMB (Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

T: (02) 4221 3241
E: enia_caires@uow.edu.au


Francine Cox 

HDR Student Management Officer - Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities  

T: (02) 4221 5558
E: fcox@uow.edu.au

Kylie Dawson 

HDR Student Management Officer - Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health (Mon, Tues & Fri)

T: (02) 4221 5874
E: kylie_dawson@uow.edu.au


Faculty of Business and Law

HDR Student Management Officers (see contact details above) –

School of Accounting, Economics and Finance - Alicia Allen
School of Management, Operations and Marketing – Enia Caires
Law – Kylie Dawson
ANCORS ( Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security)  - Francine Cox

Erin Sharp

HDR Student Administration Officer (Mon, Tue & Thu)

T: (02) 4221 5452
E: emcginn@uow.edu.au

iAccelerate is a Business Accelerator and Incubator that is tailored to help build and grow ideas and innovation into scalable businesses.

Their team can assist with:

  • Start Ideas Incubator
  • Business acceleration program
  • Entrepreneur networks
  • Mentor programs
  • Pitch programs
  • Education programs
  • $10M Seed Fund

General enquiries:

info@iaccelerate.com.au | (02) 4239 2150

Media enquiries: marketing@iaccelerate.com.au

iAccelerate staff member Omar  

Omar Khalifa - Chief Executive Officer, iAccelerate

Omar Khalifa is the CEO of iAccelerate, and is driven by fuelling new ideas through innovation and collaboration. Omar has a passion for entrepreneurship particularly in the in the social enterprise and sustainability space and is driven by the possibilities that the interception of creativity and technology can deliver to innovation. 

T: (02) 4239 2150
E: omark@uow.edu.au

iAccelerate staff member Gen  

Genevieve Gatt -Marketing Communications and Events Manager

T: (02) 4252 8878
E: gatt@uow.edu.au

iAccelerate staff member Chris  

Chris Petersilge - Ecosystem Evangelist

Chris manages iAccelerate’s strategic projects, operations, and business development. He has led the development of the Bega Valley Innovation Hub, iAccelerate’s blended learning program to bring entrepreneurship education to regional Australia, and iAccelerate’s Innovation Network of international partners.

E: cpetersi@uow.edu.au

iAccelerate staff member John  

John Kerr - Program Manager

As program manager John is responsible for the relationship management and execution of startup engagement at iAccelerate from pre-program entry (recruiting & pipeline management), their journey through the program, and post-program support.

T: (02) 4239 2150
E: johnk@uow.edu.au

Aroha Cockburn iAccelerate  

Aroha Cockburn- Project Manager

The project manager role is to drive the implementation and embedding processes for tools that will help our start-ups and entrepreneurs succeed in their business. This could range from software and applications to providing standardised and accessible education programs for our entire innovation network.

T: (02) 4221 3410
E: aroha@uow.edu.au

The Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) is a not-for-profit charity and independent Medical Research Institute that supports scientists, clinicians and health professionals in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven.

They provide a range of services to help affiliated researchers focus on what they do best—discovering new insights into the human body, finding better ways to treat disease and illness, and improving clinical practice. 

They support health and medical researchers at every stage of their career, whether based in a laboratory or in a hospital ward. They also help researchers collaborate with each other so that new projects can flourish and deliver tangible health care outcomes.

  • Not for Profit Independent Medical Research Institute (MRI) that supports health and medical research in the Illawarra
  • Translational approach to Research with local clinicians
  • Clinical trials
  • Investigates a range of diseases and illnesses under 3 research themes:
  • Diagnostics & Therapeutics
  • Mental Health & Ageing Brain
  • Chronic Conditions & Lifestyle

General enquiries:

Building 32 University of Wollongong, Northfields Avenue, Wollongong NSW 2522

info@ihmri.org.au | 02 4221 4333

Administrative Support:

Joanna Harrison | E: joannaha@uow.edu.au | T: 4221 3871

Find out more about IHMRI

The Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM) is a purpose-built facility at the University of Wollongong's Innovation Campus to help transform multi-functional materials research into commercial reality. The researchers at AIIM are at the cutting edge of developing and applying new and innovative materials.

AIIM comprises the following research organisations:

  • The Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI)
  • The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES)
  • The Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM)
  • The University of Wollongong Electron Microscopy Centre (EMC)

Meet the people driving AIIM

General enquiries:

Innovation Campus | AIIM Facility | Building 231 | Squires Way | North Wollongong NSW 2500| Australia

Administrative Support:

Narelle Badger | E: nbadger@uow.edu.au | T: 4221 3530

Science Space is the only dedicated immersive science experience in NSW and exists to advocate for and foster science literacy.

  • NSW’s only dedicated science centre
  • Founded upon principles of education, hands-on learning and accessibility with a focus on STEM education
  • Over 100 interactive exhibits, science shos and workshops
  • NSW #1 Digitally Immersive Planetarium
  • Dedicated STEM Zone with extensive STEM outreach, onsite and virtual programs.

General enquiries:

60 Squires Way, North Wollongong, NSW, 2500

science-space@uow.edu.au | (02) 4286 5000

Research Services Office

RSO team member Sharon Martin- Director

Director, Research Services Office
Sharon Martin

Manages research grants, ethics and data information. Strategic research planning, promotion and reporting. Executive support to University Research Committee.

T: (02) 4221 3928
E: sharonma@uow.edu.au

RSO team member Julie Evans

Assistant to the Director Sharon Martin
Julie Evans

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

T: (02) 4221 3386
E: research-services@uow.edu.au

RSO team member Karla House

Assistant to the Director
Karla House

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

T: (02) 4221 3386
E: research-services@uow.edu.au


RSO team Stefan Delfgou

Stefan Delfgou - Senior Manager, Research Grants & Development
Support for Research Strengths and Centres. Support and development of funding diversification in priority areas (health & medical; international). Strategic advice and support for Fellowship applicants.

T: (02) 4221 5953
E: stefand@uow.edu.au


Lucas Hughes - Manager ARC & Non-Medical Grants
Co-ordination of external and internal research funding initiatives. Strategic advice to clients applying for research funds. Executive support to Resources and Allocation Working Party. Post-award grant management.

T: (02) 4221 4522
E: lucash@uow.edu.au

Karen Lovasz RSO Grants Officer

Karen Lovasz- Manager NHMRC & Medical Grants
Administer external and internal research funding initiatives. Key grant contact for Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health (SMAH). Post-award grant management.

T: (02) 4252 8218
E: klovasz@uow.edu.au

Nicole Murfitt Staff Member

Nicole Murfitt  - Research Grants and Development Officer
Administer external and internal research funding initiatives. Key grant contact for the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (ASSH) & the Australian Institute for Innovative Materials (AIIM)). 

T: (02) 4221 5118
E: nmurfitt@uow.edu.au

RSO staff member-Stewart Wallace-Grants

Stewart Wallace- Research Grants and Development Officer

Administer external and internal research funding initiatives. Key grant contact for Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS). Post-award grant management.

T: (02) 4221 4648
E: swallace@uow.edu.au

RSO team Rochelle Waren

Rochelle Waren - Grants development officer
Administer external and internal research funding initiatives. Key grant contact for Faculty of Business and Law (BAL). Post-award grant management.

T: (02) 4221 4726
E: rwaren@uow.edu.au


Dr Thomas Griffiths- Major Research Initiatives Officer

Support planning, development and submission of funding bids for major research programs, including ARC, NHMRC and MRFF. Initiate and support external and internal activities for major research funding initiatives. Post-award grant management.

T: (02) 4221 5091
E: thomasg@uow.edu.au 


Louise Vandenberg - Research Grants Assistant

This position's primary purpose is to provide assistance and support to the Research Grants and Development Team and academic staff in the submission of grant and fellowship applications and post-award administration of grants and fellowships

T: (02) 4221 3160
E: louisemc@uow.edu.au


RSO team Eve Steinke

Eve Steinke - Manager Research Ethics & Integrity
Oversees and provides executive support to the Ethics Unit, and Ethics Committees.

T: (02) 4221 4457
E: eves@uow.edu.au

RSO team Aimee Wall

Aimee Wall - Senior Integrity & Ethics Officer

T: (02) 4221 5014
E: awall@uow.edu.au

Ryah Perkiss - Research Integrity Officer

T: (02) 4221 5452
E: ryahp@uow.edu.au

RSO team Sarah Toole

Sarah Toole - Animal Welfare Officer
Animal welfare issues, veterinary support, compliance issues or concerns, animal welfare training, assistance with animal ethics applications.

T: (02) 4221 8096
E: saraht@uow.edu.au

Michael Di Leo- Grants team member

Michael Di Leo - Research Ethics Officer
Supports human research ethics comittees.

E: mdleo@uow.edu.au

RSO team Rochelle Waren

Rochelle Waren - Ethics Officer

T: (02) 4221 4726
E: rwaren@uow.edu.au

RSO team Sabine Holz

Sabine Holz - Ethics Assistant
General ethics enquiries, provide administrative support to the HREC Committees, maintains ethics database, filing and document tracking systems.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

T: (02) 4221 3773
E: sholz@uow.edu.au

RSO team Lil Miller

Lil Miller - Ethics Assistant
General ethics enquiries, provide administrative support to the HREC Committees, maintains ethics database, filing and document tracking systems.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

T: (02) 4221 5504
E: lmason@uow.edu.au

RSO team Claire Carter

Claire Carter - Program Manager, Research Analytics, Systems and Support

T: (02) 4221 4349
E: ccarter@uow.edu.au


Ann Hollifield- Research Business Applications Manager

T: (02) 4221 4901
E: ahollifi@uow.edu.au

RSO team Lia Sherwood

Lia Sherwood - Research Development and Impact Manager

T: (02) 4221 4097
E: sherwood@uow.edu.au


RSO team Monica Oakman

Monika Oakman - Research Systems Analyst

T: (02) 4221 4669
E: moakman@uow.edu.au

Rachel Nacilla  - Research Systems Analyst

T: (02) 4221 5751 
E: rachel_nacilla@uow.edu.au

Aran Chevalier   

Aran Chevalier- Research Systems Analyst

T: (02) 4221 5910
E: aran@uow.edu.au

RSO team Carly Burns  

Carly Burns - Research Promotions Support Officer

T: (02) 4221 5894
E: bcarly@uow.edu.au

Contact the Research Services Office