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Faculty research

Business and Law

The Faculty of Business and Law is led by Professor Colin Picker, and includes the schools of Accounting, Economics and Finance; Law; Management, Operations and Marketing; and Sydney Business School. It also incorporates two major research entities: ANCORS & AHSRI

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Engineering and Information Sciences

UOW is a leading engineering, mathematics, physics and ICT research institution in Australia, based on our long standing collaboration with local and multinational industries and research centres in Australia and overseas.

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Science, Medicine and Health

We have a world-class reputation for excellence in research, spanning chemistry, molecular bioscience, earth and atmospheric sciences, life sciences, medicine and medical science, nursing, indigenous health, nutrition and dietetics, and exercise science.

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Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

The Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities is led by Professor Glenn Salkeld, and includes the schools of the Arts, English and Media; Education; Geography and Sustainable Communities; Health and Society; Humanities and Social Inquiry; Liberal Arts; and Psychology.

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