Australian Centre for Health Engagement, Evidence and Values

Innovative social research

High-quality research about what matters to people in public health and healthcare.

Our people

Belinda: We are the Australian Centre for Health Engagement, Evidence and Values at the University of Wollongong

Julie: ACHEEV’s mission is to make health care decisions more inclusive and democratic

Patti: We use innovative research methods to work with diverse stakeholders about contested and controversial health issues.

Rebecca: We build relationships with policy makers and experts

Kathleen: We conduct scoping and systematic reviews of the evidence

Annette: We produce theoretical and conceptual analysis

Chris : We do innovative social research focussed on values and every day practices

Jackie: And we run deliberative processes, like community juries that bring it all together. 

Tory: So that we can make justified and legitimate recommendations to policy makers, stakeholders and community.

Stacy: We are ACHEEV. A research centre of the Faculty of Socials Sciences at the University of Wollongong.



Ethics of A.I. for diagnosis and screening

Webinar: 2pm AEST, 17 May 2023

Using Artificial Intelligence for diagnosis and screening: what matters to public and professional stakeholders in Australia?

Date: 2pm-4pm Sydney time, Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Delivery: Online only

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Our Research

The Australian Centre for Health Engagement, Evidence and Values (ACHEEV) was established in January 2019.

Our work focuses on health: the health of people, other animals, society and the planet, and how all of these things are connected.

Our research is rigorous, interdisciplinary and independent.  We are not afraid to ask difficult questions, and we have the skills, knowledge and experience to generate meaningful answers that can guide policy and practice.

Our mission is to make health systems more inclusive and democratic. In everything we do, we ask how we can work towards greater justice and equity. 

Community Jury

A community jury is a deliberative democratic process – it seeks to involve well-informed members of the community in policy decision making. This project is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (Ideas Grant 1181960).


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