First year checklist

The first year looks different for HDR candidates than it does for undergraduates. Highlighted below are some checkpoints you can be sure to encounter in your first year in Higher Degree Research.

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The HDR timeline has some key milestones throughout your candidature.  

The How uni works provides more helpful information about UOW services and support.

In your first month

  1. Attend HDR Welcome & Orientation (Week 1). 
  2. Attend your School and/or Faculty Induction (Week 1). 
  3. Complete StartSmart (candidates with coursework subjects only). 
  4. Establish a regular meeting schedule with your supervisor. 
  5. Complete Commencement of Candidature form and First Interview Checklist

Key Dates

Census date

  • Autumn session: 31 March
  • Spring session: 31 August

Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) Due

  • Autumn session: 1 April  
  • Spring session: 1 September 

By the end of 6 months

  1. Ensure that you have completed training in human and/or animal research ethics (if applicable) 
  2. Set milestones with your supervisor and get started on your Research Proposal Review 

By the end of your first year

  1. Complete your Research Progress Review. 
  2. Complete any coursework subjects (coursework candidates). 
  3. Complete your Annual Progress Report. 
  4. Write and submit ethics application in consultation with your supervisor (if applicable).  


First Year Checklist

At the beginning of their enrolment the HDR candidate and their Supervisor(s) should meet to discuss the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Supervisor and Resources Policy. HDR candidates and their Supervisor should complete the First Interview Checklist and the Commencement of Candidature Form to guide their initial discussions. HDR candidates can also talk to their supervisors about any training needs they require to help them complete their research.  

As a newly enrolled HDR candidate of the University of Wollongong, you are eligible to request a student identification (ID) card. To obtain your new card please complete this request form. Cards will be posted to your nominated Australian address. If you have any further questions regarding your student ID card, please contact the Student Service team.   

During early candidature every candidate must complete a Research Proposal Review (RPR) to ensure that the research project is based in strong academic footing and that the candidate has all the skills and resources required to complete the project at the required standard. The RPR is also an opportunity to confirm that the supervisory arrangements are appropriate for the project.  

The Graduate Research School assist to coordinate several RPR seasons throughout the year, where HDR candidates can complete their RPR. HDR candidates should discuss and prepare their RPR with assistance from their Supervisor during their first 12 months of candidature.  

For further information on the RPR process read the Research Proposal Review Guidelines.

Research Proposal Review forms

The Annual Progress Report (APR) is the means by which the university assesses whether the student candidature will continue into the following year. They are an important and formal means to monitor research student progress. The report should be a forthright appraisal by both the HDR candidate and Supervisor highlighting how the candidate will successfully continue with their studies in the following year. You can read more about the APR in the HDR Progress Guidelines

UOW encourages researchers to develop innovative ideas and it does so by supporting the commercialisation of these ideas. The University’s Intellectual Property Policy sets out guidelines for determining ownership and exploitation of intellectual property

HDR candidates who require shared office space, laboratory access and access cards can submit a request by completing the HDR Space Allocation Request Form online. Please discuss your request with your supervisor before submitting the form. The request will be sent to your Principal Supervisor for approval. Once approved, Facilities Management Division will allocate space and access cards as appropriate. For lab access, candidates are required to complete a lab induction and obtain approval from the lab owner. 

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