UOW Network: Wireless/WiFi & Wired

Wireless networks at UOW

There are 2 wireless networks available:

  • UOW - Our primary UOW Wi-Fi Service
  • Eduroam – For inter-institutional roaming

Wired access at UOW

The University uses a high speed (1GB per second) optic fibre connection to AARNet with redundant infrastructure for high availability.

How do you pick which network to access?

The recommended network for teaching and learning is UOW.  

Eduroam is a Wi-Fi option available for visitors from other Eduroam Participating Institutions.

Students & Staff of UOW who visit other Eduroam participating institutions can connect to another Universities Eduroam wireless network using their UOW credentials. 

What are our network rules

There are a few important pieces of information regarding the UOW Network Services you need to be aware of: 

  1. No proxy! - You will no longer need to configure your web browser and computer to use the web proxy. The proxy will continue to operate and you will be able to continue using it if necessary.
  2. Internet Auth - You still need to identify yourself in order to access internet and your activity will continue to be attributed to you. This is explained in the IT Acceptable Use Policy. To do this you have 2 new options:
    1. Windows or Mac App - You can download an app for your computer from the UOW app store. The apps are called “Border Auth”. You will only have to re-enter your password after you change it.
    2. Webpage - Alternatively you can visit the Border Authentication web page. Point your browser at the IMTS Homepage and follow the “Border Auth” link on the right. You will need to do this at least once a day.
  3. Fair Share Conditions - The available bandwidth is shared fairly amongst all concurrent users. This means that if you have a large download running, the speed may be reduced to ensure fair share for other people.
  4. Peak and Off-peak - Peak time is 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday. During this period a reduced bandwidth is available for the residences to ensure teaching and research activities of UOW are not affected.
  5. Excessive Use - You are permitted to make reasonable, ordinary and fair use of your internet service. Your activity is monitored and you may be contacted or incur restrictions if your use is unreasonable.
  6. Security - You must make a reasonable effort to keep your computers secure. You can learn how to do this at the IMTS Cyber Security site.

Network Feedback 


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If you're from a participating eduroam institution you can connect to wireless internet with your username and password.

UOW staff & students can also connect at other institutions.

Read on to find out more about eduroam and how to connect.