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Community Resources



Video: World Health Organisation –
Video clip about antibiotic resistance





Website: Antibiotic Wise – Say ‘Naaah’
by making sure antibiotics are what you
really need



Activity: World Health Organisation –
Learn how to handle antibiotics with
care and help us stop antibiotic
resistance Interactive activity



Fact Sheet: Australian Government –
Fact sheet for the general public




Quiz: World Health Organisation –
How much do you know about
antibiotic resistance?




Australian Government – Fact sheet
for animal owners

Get Involved

WARRA aims to tackle the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, by developing and testing interventions to stop, or at the very least slow down, rates of resistance. With your help, we can start to understand what causes antimicrobial resistance, and what we can do about it.


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There are currently no projects or activities available for participants at this time.


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