Offshore renewable energy knowledge mobilisation

Australia is undertaking an immense task in transitioning to a low carbon economy, and offshore renewable energy (ORE) will play a critical role.

As a proposed region identified as suitable for the development of offshore wind, the NSW South Coast will play an important role in energy futures. Our experience to date has shown that research capacity at the University of Wollongong relating to ORE is fragmented, with limited understanding of who is conducting research in this area, and what is being researched.

This interdisciplinary project will position UOW as a knowledge holder and knowledge broker for offshore renewable energy, to effectively support government (at all levels), the community, and industry in the renewable energy transition in the Illawarra (and beyond). This project will facilitate network and relationship building and will mobilise the UOW research community to be most effective in our research response to ORE development in the Illawarra and South Coast.

The team