Freya Croft


PhD title: Emotional Experiences of Coral Reefs - Can Embodied and Mediated Coral Reef Experiences have Conservation Outcomes? The Case of Ningaloo Reef.

Freya's research interests are broadly based around human connections with the ocean. She is interested in marine tourism, emotional geographies and the social science of marine conservation.

Emotions can be present in embodied experiences on coral reefs and can also be experienced through the engagement with narratives about coral reefs. In this study Freya will explore the role that these emotions play in facilitating conservation outcomes through long term pro-environmental behaviour change in individuals, both experientially and through narrative. Freya will be travelling to Ningaloo Reef in 2018 to investigate the emotions that are elicited in embodied marine encounters on coral reefs and also the role that emotions play in the narrative discourse surrounding reefs. From this Freya hopes to assess if emotional marine encounters can lead to the uptake of sustainable behaviour practices. 


Croft, F., Voyer, M., Adams, M., Visser, C., Leadbitter, D., Reverly, J., Steel, F. and Kennedy, J., 2019. Does' the local' provide a pathway to revitalizing primary production in regional communities?: A case study of professional fishing on the NSW South coastAustralasian Journal of Regional Studies, The25(2), p.254.

Research funding

Research Assistant - Global Challenges, Blue Future Project

Research Assistant – Global Challenges, Illawarra Maritime Histories Project


The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) Blue Charter Fellowship

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)

Global Challenges Travel Scholarship (2017)