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(This page is for the Information of School Careers Advisers. If you are a UOW student inquiring about careers advice - please touch base with UOW Careers Central who will be able to help you).

The UOW Schools Liaison Team is able to provide a number of services to schools in NSW to help prepare students for university, with the following tools:

  • School Visit (UOW LINK) request
  • Request current UOW brochures for your school
  • Information and tools on our Early Admission Program.

UOW LINK Program

Students are often interested in receiving information about university life from current university students. The UOW LINK program is a fantastic opportunity for schools to have UOW student representatives present timely and relevant information - which students can relate to.

LINK presentations are structured to include topics such as the ATAR, subject selection (for Year 10 audiences), UOW facilities, balancing academic and social life and much more. The below registration form has a section for you to request topics you'd like the student representatives to cover in particular detail. We recommend allowing 40-60 minutes for each visit. Please email the School Liaison Coordinator assigned to your region to organise a bespoke UOW LINK at your school, or to order any of our brochures.

UOW Contacts for School Careers Advisers:


Schools in: ACT | Macarthur | Western Sydney Suburbs

Liz Clark | (02) 4221 4268


Schools in: Sutherland Shire | Southern Sydney

Deb Neich | (02) 4221 3249


Schools in: NSW North Coast | Riverina | New England | Central West | Far South Coast | Blue Mountains

Doug Sweeney | (02) 4221 5671


Schools in: Illawarra | Shoalhaven |Southern Highlands| Central Sydney | East, Northern & inner Western Sydney

Rachael Glinatstis | (02) 4221 5952

Schools in: South Western Sydney | Liverpool | Fairfield | Bankstown | Parramatta | Western Suburbs

Chiara Mammone | (02) 4221 5650


UOW Early Admission

The UOW Early Admission program enables high achieving and motivated students to receive an offer to study at UOW based on their academic performance and commitment to study during Years 11 and 12.
Successful applicants will receive notice of the outcome of their application before they sit their HSC exams, and receive an offer in the UAC November round on 16 November 2017.

  • All students completing Year 12 in 2017 and receiving an ATAR, IB (or equivalent) are eligible to apply for UOW Early Admission
  • Any international students completing Year 12 at your school are also eligible
  • All UOW undergraduate degrees will be offered, including special programs for high-achieving students. Students will be able to apply for up to two UOW degrees. Indicative criteria for each degree is listed on the UOW Early Admission website:
  • Applications will only be accepted via the UOW Early Admission website: from 9am Tuesday, 1 August.
  • Students will be assessed by UOW according to their academic performance and a compulsory interview
  • Successful applicants will be made a formal offer to study through the UAC November Round: Thursday 16 November 2017.

For your students - the Early Admission website hosts FAQs, important dates, and the application criteria.


UOW Early Admission School Statement of Support

The UOW Early Admission School Statement of Support (SSS) provides an opportunity for teachers to reference their support of a student’s Early Admission application. The SSS is an optional component of a student’s UOW Early Admission application – UOW does not expect that every student applying will submit an SSS. In fact, the SSS can only be given by teachers for students that fall into one of the below categories:

Illness or Injury

Significant illness or injury affecting academic performance may be a short-term injury or illness (affecting a single assessment or preparation period) or a long-term condition, where the student has the ability to perform better in a more self-managed university environment (through part-time study, for example).

Special Circumstance

These circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Close family member significant illness or death
  • Carer responsibilities
  • Significant financial hardship
  • Interrupted schooling in senior years (including refugee arrival in Australia)
  • Interrupted home life (e.g. parental separation or family relocation)

Please click here for more important information about the School Statement of Support (SSS), and to sign up as an SSS sponsor.


The Verification of Academic Marks Form 

  • Any student shortlisted for an interview will receive an email inviting them on campus for that interview. Attached to their email will be a PDF document for them to print and have signed by a school representative to verify the marks/grades the student submitted are true and correct.
  • Students will need to provide this signed document at their interview to prove the marks they enter in their application are accurate. Students will be bringing this to school from Thursday September 7. Please click here to see an example of this template
  • As part of the application; students will be asked to enter their marks from years 11 and 12. These marks can be either ‘raw’ or ‘scaled’ - we ask that all students from your school use the same ‘version’ (‘raw’ or ‘scaled’) so that they are comparable. Applicants will also be able to enter either exam or assessment marks for each subject they enter.
  • Students are able to enter grades: A, B, C, D as well as numerical marks in their application
  • Students from interstate, and students studying the International Baccalaureate are now catered for in the application system.


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Last reviewed: 25 September, 2017