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Industry partners

Mr Scott Ryan
Honorary Professor
Chief Asset & Operating Officer, Endeavour Energy

Mr Albert Pors
Honorary Senior Fellow
Power Quality and Reliability Planning Manager, Endeavour Energy

University of Wollongong

Senior Professor Gursel Alici
Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Associate Professor Duane Robinson
Technical Director, Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre
Deputy Director, Sustainable Buildings Research Centre 

Mr Sean Elphick
Research Coordinator, Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre

  • Dr Izzah Afandi
  • Mr Alex Baitch
  • Dr Robert Barr AM
  • Mr Neil Browne
  • Mr Ty Christopher
  • Professor Janaka Ekanayake
  • Dr Upuli Jayatunga
  • Dr Lasantha Meegahapola
  • Dr Peeter Muttik
  • Dr Nalin Pahalawaththa
  • Dr Jahan Peiris
  • Mr Albert Pors
  • Dr Amin Rajabi
  • Mr Scott Ryan
  • Dr Vic Smith
  • Dr David Sweeting OAM
  • Mr Matt Webb

Mr Raed Abdelqader
PhD student
Supervisor: Duane Robinson
Project: Modelling of Power Quality Disturbances for Improved Mitigation Techniques  

Awais Ahmad
PhD student
Supervisors: Danny SutantoKashem MuttaqiMd Rabiul Islam
Project: Power Converter Design and Implementation for Future Power Grids 

Brendan Banfield
Supervisors: Duane Robinson, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Model Predictive Control of Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Buildings and Grids

Mr Noah Biddle
MPhil student
Supervisors: Duane RobinsonCraig McLauchlan
Project: Management of Micorgrids. 

Mr Jason David
MPhil student
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Vic GosbellDuane Robinson
Telephone: 02 4221 3580
Project: Harmonic Investigation of Large-Scale Wind and Solar Farms  

Mr Amin Jalilian
PhD student
Supervisors:  Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Project: Controlling Integrity of Interconnected Renewable Energy Rich Power Systems after Emergencies

Mr Herath Pathiranage Asanga Priyankara Jayawardana
PhD student
Supervisors: Ashish Agalgaonkar, Duane RobinsonMassimo Fiorentini
Project: Optimised and Cost Effective Operation of Microgrids

Mr Chris Johnathon
PhD student
Supervisors: Ashish Agalgaonkar, Sarath Perera, Joel Kennedy
Project: Volt/Var Control Strategies for Active Distribution Networks Embedded with renewable and Distributed Energy Resources

Ms Dilhani Liyanage
PhD student
Supervisors: Sarath PereraAshish Agalgaonkar
Project: Power quality issues with large scale solar integration

Ms Samadhi Liyanage
PhD student
Supervisors: Sarath PereraDuane Robinson
Project: Development of high Fidelity models for large scale solar energy generating systems 

Ms Lasanthika Mudiyanselage
PhD student
Supervisors: Ashish Agalgaonkar, Sarath PereraDuane Robinson
Project: Collaborative Operation of Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Generation in Virtual Power Plant Environment by Improving Predictability

Ms Yasmin Nigar
PhD student
SupervisorAshish Agalgaonkar
Project: On the Identification of Optimal Allowable Distributed and Renewable Generation Capacity in the Power Distribution System 

Mr Obaidur Rahman
PhD student
Supervisors: Duane Robinson, Sarath Perera, Sean Elphick
Project: Voltage Control in PV Rich Distribution Networks

Mr A M Mahfuz Ur Rahman
PhD student
Supervisors:  Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Project: Intelligent energy management system for future micro grids 

Mr Alexander Rainer
PhD student
Supervisors: Ashish AgalgaonkarSarath Perera
Project: Small Signal Stability Aspects Associated with Integrated Wind-HVDC Systems

Mr Safdar Rasool
PhD student
Supervisors: Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Project: Energy Storage to Improve Power Quality and Reliability in Microgrids 

Mr Edward Smith
MPhil student
Supervisor: Duane Robinson
Project: Cooperative strategies for improving power quality, utilisation and resilience in the operation and control of microgrids  

Mr Jude Suchithra
PhD student
Supervisor: Amin Rajabi
Project: Power Quality Improvements in Distribution Network using Community Battery Energy Storage Systems 

Mr Pathum Sudasinghege
PhD student
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Philip ComminsJeff Moscrop
Project: Study of Three Phase Induction Motor Operation Under Unbalanced Supply Voltages 

Md. Abu Abdullah
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Climate change adaptation in electricity infrastructure with renewable energy resources

Izzah Afandi
Supervisors: Phil Ciufo, Ashish Agalgaonkar, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Integrated Volt/VAr Control in Distribution Networks

Mohammad Jasa Afroni
Supervisors: Danny Sutanto, David Stirling
Thesis: Analysis of non-stationary power quality waveforms using iterative empirical mode decomposition methods and SAX algorithm

Md. Jan-E-Alam
Supervisors: Danny Sutanto, Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: Grid integration of solar photovoltaic resources: impact analysis and mitigation strategies

Mollah Rezaul Alam
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: Islanding detection of distributed generation and classification of voltage sags/swells using machine learning techniques

Kanchana Amarasekara
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Lasantha Meegahapola, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Investigation of Voltage Stability of Wind Rich Electric Power Systems

Mrs Prabha Ariyaratna
Supervisors: Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Project: Distributed Generation for Energy Harvesting in Distribution systems using Hybrid Energy Storage

Ali Asheibi
Supervisors: David Stirling, Danny Sutanto, Duane Robinson
Thesis: Discovery and pattern classification of large scale harmonic measurements using data mining

Tmothy Browne
Supervisors: Vic Gosbell, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Harmonic management in transmission networks

Yin Chin Choo
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Kashem Muttaqi, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Small signal stability analysis for a turbine-generator unit connected to an HVDC system

Dilini Darmawardana
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Duane Robinson, Phil Ciufo, Upuli Jayatunga
Thesis: Higher Frequency Emissions in the Range of 2 - 150 kHz (Supraharmonics) in Electricity Distribution Networks

Muhamad Zalani Daud
Supervisors: Phil Ciufo, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Transient behaviour modelling of underground high voltage cable systems

Sean Elphick
Supervisors: Phil Ciufo, Sarath Perera
Thesis: The Modern Domestic Load and its Impact on the Electricity Distribution Network

Malithi Gunawardana
Supervisors: Jeff Moscrop, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Modelling and transient analysis of saturated core fault current limiters in electricity grids

Benjamin J. Harris
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Duane Robinson
Thesis: Matrix converter technology in doubly-fed induction generators for wind generators

Dissawe Mudiyanselage Lasanthika Harshani Dissawa
Ashish Agalgaonkar, Sarath Perera, Duane Robinson
Thesis: Utilisation of inexpensive sky-imaging technology for irradiance forecasting of distributed solar PV generation

Mrs Most Sumaiya Hasan
Supervisors: Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Project: Detection, Analysis and Mitigation of Voltage Sag/Swell in Renewable Energy Rich Power Grids 

Chandana Herath
Supervisors: Vic Gosbell, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Power quality data management and reporting methodologies

Mr Md Minarul Islam
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Control strategies to mitigate potential operational challenges in future grids

Sk. Razibul Islam
Supervisors: Danny Sutanto, Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: Emergency control of catastrophic disturbances in a power system

Upuli Jayatunga
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Phil Ciufo
Thesis: Further contributions to the development of the technical report IEC/TR 61000-3-13:2008 on voltage unbalance management methodologies

Asanga Jayawardana
Danny Sutanto, Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: Development of a Model Predictive Control Method to Optimise the Operation of a Residential System with Battery Storage and Solar PV Generation

Athmi Vidarshika Jayawardena
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Lasantha Meegahapola
Thesis: Contributions to the development of microgrids: Aggregated modelling and operational aspects

Thisandu Kahingala
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Ashish Agalgaonkar, Upuli Jayatunga
Thesis: Contributions to Analytical Methodologies for the Management of Voltage Unbalance in MV/HV/EHV Power Systems

Joel Kennedy
Supervisors: Phil Ciufo, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Distribution System Protection Schemes in a Modern Grid Embedded with Renewable Energy Resources

Ahmed Ahsan Latheef
Supervisors: Vic Smith
Thesis: Harmonic impact of photovoltaic inverter systems on low and medium voltage distribution systems

Bosui Li
Supervisors: Duane Robinson, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Evaluation of a potential operational scheme based on Virtual Net Metering for precinct-level public buildings

Mr Hadi Lomei
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Emergency Control for Catastrophic Disturbance in Future Power Grids

A M Mahfuz Ur Rahman
Supervisors: Danny Sutanto, Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: New Topologies and Advanced Control of Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Energy based Microgrids

Mr Subir Majumder
Ashish AgalgaonkarSarath Perera
Techno-Economic Analysis of Electricity Networks with Renewable Energy Sources and Storage Devices

Dejan Markovic
Thesis: Induced currents in gas pipelines due to nearby power lines

Craig McLauchlan
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Phil Ciufo
Thesis: The WiSE Approach to Engineering Educational Environments

Nishad Mendis
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Design of Wind Dominated Hybrid Remote Area Power Supply Systems

Mr Ghulam Mohy-ud-din
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Towards a Flexible and Resilient Power Grid with Distributed Energy Resources

Mr Md Nafiz Musarrat
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Renewable Energy based Hybrid System for Rural and Remote Communities

Glenn Nicholson
Supervisors: Vic Gosbell
Thesis: Investigation of data reporting techniques and analysis of continuous power quality data in the Vector distribution network

Prabodha Paranavithana
Supervisors: Vic Gosbell, Danny Sutanto
Thesis: Contributions towards the development of the Technical Report IEC/TR 61000-3-13 on voltage unbalance emission allocation

Brian Perera
Supervisors: Phil Ciufo, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Modelling of Inverter Interfaced Renewable Energy Resources to Investigate Grid Interaction

Devinda Perera
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Phil Ciufo
Thesis: Contributions to the understanding of harmonics, flicker and voltage unbalance management in future electricity distribution networks

Mr Ashib Rahman
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Resources with Magnetic Linked Converter

Dothinka Ranamuka
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi, Ashish Agalgaonkar
Thesis: Coordinated Voltage Control in Modern Distribution Systems

Duane Robinson
Supervisors: Vic Gosbell, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Harmonic management in MV distribution systems

Mr Kaveh Sarrafan
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Improving Energy Storage management Systems in Electric Vehicles 

Yingjie Tan
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi, Lasanth Meegahapola
Thesis: Management of hybrid remote area power supply systems

Sanikka Tennakoon
Supervisors: Vic Gosbell, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Flicker propagation in radial and interconnected power systems

Hamid Teymour Ghasemabadi
Supervisors: Danny Sutanto, Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: Design of Multi-level Power Convertors with Random Time Vector Control Switching for Network Support

Mr Viet Thang Tran
Kashem MuttaqiDanny Sutanto
Electric Vehicles and Storage Systems Integrated with Distribution Grids Fed by Solar PV

Dao Hoang Vu
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi, Lasantha Meegahapola
Thesis: Forecasting Electricity Demand and Price Spike for Improving Electricity Market Operation

Mr Tuan Vu
Sarath PereraDuane Robinson
Harmonic Allocation to Major Loads in Transmission Systems

Amila Wickramasinghe
Supervisors: Sarath Perera, Lasantha Meegahapola
Thesis: Control and Operational Approaches to Improve Frequency Stability of Electricity Grids with Increased Wind Power Penetration Levels

Mr Chixin Xiao
Danny SutantoKashem MuttaqiMinjie Zhang
Improving Resilience in Smart Grids Using Advanced Predictive Analytics and Computational Intelligence Optimization

Mr Muhammad Yousaf
Kashem MuttaqiDanny Sutanto
Enhancement of Protection Adequacy of Future Distribution Networks in the presence of Distributed Energy Resources

Mr Arian Zahedmanesh
Danny SutantoKashem Muttaqi
Optimal Management of Vehicle-to-Grid and Grid-to-Vehicle Services Considering Reliability and Power Quality Constraints

Neng Zhang
Supervisors: Danny Sutanto, Kashem Muttaqi
Thesis: On the improvement of boost and buck-boost converters for battery applications

Kun Zhao
Supervisors: Phil Ciufo, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Performance of LV loads in the presence of voltage fluctuations: preliminary investigations based on critical component analyses

Kai Zou
Supervisors: Kashem Muttaqi, Sarath Perera
Thesis: Distribution system planning with incorporation of distributed renewable energy resources