Student Testimonials

International House

Andrew Wurf

Name: Andrew Wurf

Residence: International House

Nationality: Australian

Course: (UG) Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies with a Major in Advertising and Marketing

What I like about living at International House:

The social aspect. Living with 220 other residents has allowed me to form close friendships with people from all over the world. There is never a boring moment at college with multiple activities running every week.

About Me:

When I was aged 10 and attending Wagga Wagga Public School I wrote an environmental poem called ‘Where’s my Falcon’ which got translated into Japanese and published in Japan. 

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Name: Curtis Mills

Residence: Weerona College

Nationality: Australian

Course: Undergraduate, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)

What I like best about living in student residence:

Easier to meet people and to collaborate about classes outside of tutes, pracs and lectures regarding issues. Everyone is very friendly :D

Something Unique:

I'm a giant (208cm tall)

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Campus East

Hannicke Nortje

Name: Hannicke Nortje

Residence: Campus East

Nationality: South African

Course: Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting (Undergraduate)

What I like best about living at Campus East: 

Living so far away from home students you live with at college become your family and support system. When it comes to exams there is always a study buddy just next door!

What my friends think of me:

Thomas Langfield: “Hannicke while short in stature brightens up any room with her caring, excitable personality and her gorgeous smile”

Jennifer Buckett: “Hannicke is the bee’s knees “

Doug McRae “Hannicke like to pull practical jokes, utterly brilliant”

Masha Nouri

Name: Masha Nouri

Residence: Campus East

Nationality: Iranian

Course: Master of Engineering (Environmental), Postgraduate

Why I like living at Campus East:

I like being around other students who are from various countries which helps me get to know other cultures and have new experiences. Also, Campus East has lots of programs that show they care for us such as academic programs, health related, and bonding programs to make friends and have some fun. These can make me feel like home even though I am so far away from my family. The environment around here is also a big bonus; you've got lots of space and facilities to enjoy uni life.

Something unique/quirky about you:

I am a very out-going person who enjoys new experiences. I also put so much emphasis on my studies and learning which makes me have a plan for every day in order to get everything done. I try not to have any free time and fill all my day with activities and programs to use my time to the fullest and more importantly to enjoy it.

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Kooloobong Village

Maddie Harmer

Name: Maddie Harmer

Residence: Kooloobong Village

Nationality: Australian

Course: Bachelor of Commerce (Deans Scholar) Majoring in Accounting and Finance (UG)

What I like about living at Kooloobong Village:

I love living on campus as every single day I am surrounded by like minded people in the same situation as me. To run into someone and have a chat every time you leave your room, or go to one of the daily social events and meet new friends whenever you want, it is a massive luxury and makes going to university a positive enjoyable experience.

About Me:

I currently work at the local skydiving company, watching people fall out of planes and fly through the sky daily.

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Jack McDonald Crowley

Name: Jack McDonald Crowley

Residence: Marketview

Nationality: Australian

Course: Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of International Studies

What I like about living at Marketview:

My favourite thing about Marketview is the diverse community. Since arriving two and a half years ago, I have made countless friends from across the world. Whenever I want someone to grab a coffee with, study with or even go on a trip with, I am able to find someone from my student residence.

About Me:

I love riding my bike and I ride it to uni every day. Last year I rode from Sydney to Wollongong to raise money for MS.  

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Graduate House

Name: Sameeha Mohd Jamil

Residence: Graduate House

Nationality: Malaysian

Course: Postgraduate

What you like best about living in at Graduate House:

Easy access to the uni, bus stands, Botanical Garden (the play sand/playground area are fantastic for my kids. They love it!). The community cares for each other, being away from home and family members. Sometimes, we celebrate our children’s birthdays together! Something unique/quirky about you: Because of my petite frame (height per se, not weight/body size though, hahah), I like to pretend I am a child and I always don't feel guilty if I behave like one! I sing, dance, sing songs with my 2 daughters and even skip with them to the bus stands.

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