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Campus East

Campus East is UOW’s only student residence that offers both catered and self-catered accommodation. So if you are looking to live in a residence where the fee for a catered room includes 14 chef-cooked meals per week, and residents in self-catered rooms have the option to purchase meal packages separately, you should look no further than Campus East. Providing a homely and neighbourly vibe with plenty of green-space for residents, Campus East offers furnished single units plus a choice of 2, 3 or 5-bedroom furnished units. And with the patrolled beach at Fairy Meadow only a short 5-minute walk from your room…it’s a perfect place to live during your years at UOW.

A unit at Campus East

Welcoming and friendly community

When you move to a new town for uni it’s good to know there will be a ready-made community of friendly students and staff waiting to welcome you. Campus East is really focused on people and place. The large garden areas play an important role in making Campus East residents feel ‘at home’ and building a strong sense of community. Some of our students say it has that ‘small town’ feeling, and that it’s the perfect place to come home to.

Campus East Café and catered meals

While residents of Campus East can choose to live in a catered or self-catered room, Campus East Café is used by all students and is definitely the hub of the community. It’s the meeting place – and often the happening place – for activities and events organised by the student Community Leaders, and a great place to catch-up with friends or Campus East staff. Catered rooms include 14 healthy and delicious meals weekly, with dietary requirements catered for including health, religious and lifestyle. For students living in catered rooms, this is inclusive in their room fee. Students in self-catered rooms are welcome to purchase meal plans.

The perfect location for students

Campus East is located less than 4kms away from UOW Wollongong campus, and the free bus to campus and town is only 2 a minute walk from your front door. In addition to the large outdoor green-spaces, you can grab your swimmers and towel, and be at the beach in 5 minutes. A quick dip before class may become part of your uni study routine. If you’re looking to head to Sydney, or South to explore the region, this residence is only a 10-minute walk to Fairy Meadow train station. If you enjoy being outdoors and the beauty of nature, you’ll love living at Campus East

Safe, secure and supported

In addition to the food, vibe and the beach, all students have access to study and wellbeing support and enjoy an inclusive social life in a safe environment. Student lead RESPASS sessions run across a range of study areas and wellbeing support is available 24/7 from trained residence staff and student Community Leaders. When you live on campus as a UOW student you will feel safe, secure and supported. At Campus East access to the main buildings, communal spaces and student rooms is only available when using an individually coded fob or card access key.  Each unit and studio apartment has a unique code, and every bedroom in shared units has a coded door lock, that can only be opened by the key-holder.

Accommodation webinar

Like to know more about living in a UOW student residence? This webinar on 3 December is your opportunity to hear about the benefits of living on-campus and also ask questions. Hosted by UOW Accommodation staff and student residents, this is the perfect place to get the information you need to help you decided where you'll live in 2021.

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Meet Matt

Matt is from Wagga Wagga and has been living in-residence at Campus East for three years. Join Matt as he shows you around his home-away-from-home and tells you why he loves living here.

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Hey guys, I'm Matt from Wagga Wagga. I'm a Student Leader here at Campus East and I study science teaching at the University of Wollongong. Come with me, I'll show you around.
Welcome to my crib!  
So, this room type that we're in right now is a catered room. It's really great because it offers the opportunity to go down to the cafeteria and get some home-cooked meals by our cafeteria staff. Living in an apartment at Campus East provides you with an opportunity to make so many friends - so you're whacked in a unit with four other people you've never met in your life, and within a week they're your best friends. The best thing about the dining room down here definitely has to be the cafeteria ladies. They know you all by name, I see them every day as my room fee covers 14 meals a week prepared by our on-site chef, and it just makes a really great experience. Campus East boasts a wide range of recreation facilities here that all our residents can use. We've got things like the games room, which we're in right now. We've also got things like our projector room - any student can use that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We've also got more studious things, like a computer lab, and we've got lots of wide-open grassy areas which you can nap or study in whenever you feel like. There's heaps of academic support at Campus East.  One of the major programs that we run every single year is called RESpass. RESpass benefits include a guaranteed hour of study every single week. It's also a great opportunity to meet other people who are doing your subjects or who are in your course, and it's a great way to get some knowledge and tips from Student Leaders who have done your subjects in the past. Campus East is close to a heap of different facilities. We've got one of the bus stops 2 minute stroll in that direction, we've got  Fairy Meadow station 5 minute stroll that way, shops 10 minutes that way, and one of the best things about living at Campus East is that Fairy Meadow beach is a 5 minute walk that way.

Accommodation options

Prices below are for students in residence in 2021.

Catered single room in shared 2 & 3 bedroom units

  • Contract length: 45 weeks
  • Type: Single room in shared 2 or 3 bedroom unit
  • Catered
  • Bathroom: Shared
  • Furnished
  • Free wifi
  • Shared living area with coffee table, chairs, and fridge.

Catered single room in shared 5 bedroom unit

  • Contract length: 45 weeks
  • Type: Single room in shared 5 bedroom unit
  • Catered
  • Bathroom: Shared
  • Furnished
  • Free wifi
  • Shared living area with table, chairs, fridge, and storage area.

Self catered single room in shared 2 bedroom unit

  • Contract length: 45 weeks
  • Type: Single room in 2 bedroom shared unit
  • Kitchen and cooking facilities
  • Bathroom: Shared
  • Furnished
  • Free wifi
  • Weekly meal plans can be purchased separately (minimum of 1 month purchase)

Self catered single room in shared 4 & 5 bedroom units

  • Contract length: 45 weeks
  • Type: Single room in 4 or 5 bedroom shared unit
  • Kitchen and cooking facilities 
  • Bathroom: Shared
  • Furnished
  • Free wifi
  • Weekly meal plans can be purchased separately (minimum of 1 month purchase).

Self catered single bedroom unit

  • Contract length: 45 weeks
  • Type: Single
  • Kitchen / Catered: Self catered
  • Bathroom: Private
  • Furnished
  • Free wifi
A student buying food at Campus East
A picture of food at Campus East
A student buying food at Campus East

Catering at Campus East

Our catering specialists at Campus East have put together a healthy and delicious weekly meal plan that includes daily breakfast and dinner (14 meals per week). The price is inclusive in all weekly catered rooms. For those students who choose to stay in self-catered rooms, there are several meal options available for you to purchase:



  1. You can purchase weekly meal plans for $115 per week, with a minimum 1 month purchase. These plans consist of 14 meals a week (breakfasts and dinners)
  2. You can purchase a 10 meal package (5 breakfast and 5 dinners) for $105 per person, or
  3. You can purchase single meals - $10 for breakfast, $12.50 for dinner 



All dietary requirements can be catered for including health, religious, lifestyle or other. If you have any concerns just let us know.


Breakfast: 7.30am to 10.30am – Monday to Saturday

Sunday Brunch: 9.00am to 11.00am


Menu can include

Flavoured yoghurt, fresh fruit, cereals, assorted breads, condiments and accompanying beverages.

Hot breakfast will be served four times a week and may include eggs, grilled bacon, pancakes and more!



Daily: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Four main meal choices (including a vegetarian option) with accompanying sides, fresh bread, fruit and salad bar. Ice cream or frozen yogurt will be available nightly with a special dessert made three times a week.


Innovation Way, North Wollongong (view on UOW campus map)

Your home away from home

Get information about your UOW accommodation options, learn about our accommodation guarantee and available scholarships. You can also take a virtual tour of the rooms you're considering and hear what our students say about living in a student residence.

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