Step 1: Contact UOW Security on 4221 4900, or raise an Emergency Alert , a First Aid Alert or Help call using SafeZone App, or dial #1 at any Security telephone.
Step 2: Dial Triple Zero, 000 for Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance.

For general enquiries and safety escorts

Contact UOW Security on 4221 4555 or dial #3 from any campus security telephone.
Mobile Telephone: 0407 287 750
Fax: 4221 3287

Members of the campus community provide invaluable support to UOW Security operations by:

  • Reporting emergency incidents (e.g. first aid or fire incidents) immediately.
  • Reporting any problems, suspicious persons and non-emergency incidents immediately.
  • Following the directions of Security Officers

General Support Staff are on duty at the UOW Security Operations Centre, Building 72,  Northfields Avenue:

  • During session – Monday to Friday, 7am - 11pm
    Out of session – Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm

Outside these times the telephones are supported by a pager third party call centre and Security Officers will be contacted to deal with enquiries and assistance.

Call centre support

All telephones are supported by a third party call centre service. Please leave:

  • your name
  • a brief message
  • a contact number or your location where a Security Officer may meet you. 

A Security Officer will respond to your call.

Example Messages:"Security, could I have a safe escort about 9.50 pm. Collect me at Office G1050, Building 19. Please confirm to phone 42213995, Joan Smith". If you don't have a contact number:  "Security, could I have a safe escort to Western Carpark. Meet me at 9.50pm, northern entry Building 40, Joan Smith."  (Please allow 10-15 minutes notice.)

Contacting Security at Regional and Metropolitan UOW Campuses

UOW Security licensing

University of Wollongong
Master Licence No: 407370903
NSW Security Industry Act 1997

Note: UOW's approved Security Contractor is SNP Security
Master Licence M/L No: 400674602

Role of UOW Security

UOW Security's role is to protect people and property on University properties. UOW Security operates in Wollongong 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year and responds to the Wollongong Campus, Innovation Campus and Student Accommodation and business activity across Wollongong. UOW engages security contractors for the regional and metropolitan campuses. UOW Security also provides support and assistance to these campuses as needed.

UOW Security provides an invaluable service to the campus community:

  • Responding to emergencies and assisting emergency services (police, fire and ambulance) to respond to incidents on campus (via Campus Emergency Management Plan delegation).
  • Providing first aid assistance.
  • Responding to security, intrusion and fire alarms.
  • Responding to reports about suspicious persons, activity or conduct.
  • Patrolling campus (via foot, bike and vehicle) for safety and protection of people and assets.
  • Providing safe escort service after dark to staff or students returning to their motor vehicles, or walking to the bus stops on campus or in Northfields Avenue.
  • Providing assistance with directions or advice and answering general enquiries.
  • Identifying safety hazards on campus (including lighting surveys of the campus on a regular basis).
  • Handling  enquiries.
  • Providing assistance with lost and found children.
  • Accepting incident reports from members of the community about thefts etc on or off campus.
  • Supervising campus traffic and parking operations.
  • Undertaking an external ground floor building lock up on weeknights (times vary throughout the year).