Personal safety

Personal safety

Here are some things you should think about regarding personal safety:

  • Am I remaining alert to my surroundings at all times?
  • Am I walking alone at night time?
  • Should I ask Security or someone else to accompany me if I am concerned for my safety after dark at university?
  • Have I told someone where I’m going and when I’ll be back?
  • Am I clear on where I need to go and how to get there?
  • Am I choosing the safest form of transport or well-lit pathway to get there?
  • Do I know who to call and what to do in the event of an emergency?
  • Is my personal property and cash safely secured?

Use the Safe Zone app

Download and use the SafeZone app for the easiest and quickest way to contact UOW Security.  

Request an after dark Safety Escort 

After dark safety escorts provided to staff or students returning to their motor vehicles, or walking to the bus stops on Wollongong campus or in Northfields Avenue.  Safety escorts are provided at other times in exceptional circumstances.
To request a safety escort please call UOW Security on 4221 4555 or Dial #3 at any security telephone. Safety escorts can also be arranged by using the Help button in the SafeZone app.