Information for emergency services

It is important that emergency services personnel are aware of the hazards present on site when attending an emergency. Information relating to relevant hazards at the site will assist in reducing health and safety risks and in determining an appropriate response to the emergency situation.

The Local Emergency Response Team should liaise with the Emergency Services Incident Controller upon arrival onsite and provide relevant information on local hazards as required. Typically the Chief Building Warden or Security Officers will be able to gather and provide the relevant hazard information.

Emergency Services are able to access information through electronic means from online systems, hardcopy documents located at the Fire Control Centre (Wollongong Campus only) and verbal information from the Local Emergency Response Team.

Hazard information sources

Hazard Information source
Hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods
  • Contact UOW Security on 4221 4555
  • HAZCHEM signage at University entrances
  • Placard signage on buildings (if required)
Local area hazards including:
  • Laboratories
  • Workshops
  • See hazard identification signs on at entrances to areas
Restricted Access including:
  • confined spaces
  • dangerous goods
  • electrical
  • high voltage
  • heights
  • plant & equipment
  • hazardous substances
  • pressure release (service pipes)
  • biohazards
  • nanomaterials
  • low temperatures
  • magnetic field
  • radiation