Start Right at Batemans Bay

Welcome to UOW Eurobodalla. Over the next few months, as you settle into uni life, you will experience many new and exciting opportunities. Whether you have come straight from school, resuming your studies, changing careers or expanding your knowledge, adjusting to the new expectations of university study and life as a student can take some time. But don’t panic, there is lots of assistance and support for you before and during the session.

These programs are optional and free for all students and designed to help you make the best start to your university studies.

Before session commences

These programs are designed to get you up and running with your course. 


See more information about Orientation at UOW Eurobodalla

During session

These programs and services are designed to support you through your studies and assist you in developing strong academic skills. They build on the bridging programs to give you more comprehensive information and support. 

Successful Transitions

Weekly one-hour Learning Development workshops which cover academic skills including essay writing at university, report writing, research, critical thinking, reading and note taking, time management etc. These workshops are designed to be relevant to your assessment tasks. Workshop times are advertised on the campus timetable.  


Peer Assisted Study Sessions go for 1 hour each week in selected first-year subjects. They are facilitated by PASS Leaders, current students who have already successfully completed the subject and designed to maximise students’ understanding of the subject, in a casual and relaxed environment. PASS usually targets tough subjects which over time have proved challenging for many students. Session times are advertised on the campus timetable.  

Learning Development consultations

One-on-one consultations with the Learning Development Lecturer are available to assist you with any of your assessment tasks or academic skills. Assistance is also available for students via email.  


Stands for Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme and aims to improve educational outcomes for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. It is conducted one on one or in small groups. Each eligible student can receive 2 hours per week, for each subject. Extra hours are available for exam preparation.  

Disability support

For students who have a disability or health issue that may impact their studies. Where applicable, students are assessed at the start of the semester to see if they require reasonable adjustment and support for their studies and to complete assessment tasks. A Disability Liason Officer is available at UOW Eurobodalla on a regular basis throughout the semester.  


university counsellor is available on a regular basis at the campus to offer free and confidential counselling to students who want to talk through and change areas of difficulty, conflict or crisis in their lives, particularly as it may be affecting their studies.

Want more information about any of the above? Contact the campus at 4472 2125 or