Entry pathways

UOW Bega Valley offers a variety of flexible pathways into our degree programs. If you want to get a university qualification, we will help you find a way.

High School Students

Do the exams. Get your results. Join our crew! 

If you're doing your HSC and your sights are set on uni, make sure you apply through the Universities Admissions Centre, (UAC). For advice on applying through UAC please contact UOW Bega Valley on 6494 7035.

Admission for school leavers to most UOW undergraduate degrees is determined by your ATAR - which you’ll find out from UAC - normally in December. Remember the ATAR isn’t the be-all and end-all of getting into uni. We want people who work hard and can get results where it matters.

You are also eligible for adjustment factors if you do well in HSC subjects relevant to your UOW degree and if you live in our neighbourhood or in regional NSW.

If your ATAR’s not what you hoped, we also offer a range of alternative entry options and university preparation options to get you started.

Pathways to UOW

There’s more than one way to the future you want, but sometimes things can happen in your life that make studying hard. The Pathways team is here to help you find a way to pursue your career and study goals in a way that works for you.

UOW College's University Entrance Program (UEP)

The UEP is a 14-week course to give you the fundamental skills required for university-level study and to maximise your chance of success.  

The course is specifically designed for students who may not meet the requirements for direct entry to UOW but would like to start their academic journey.

The University Entrance Program is now available via online learning with support from your local campus and guarantees* you entry into a degree at the University of Wollongong. Find out more about the University Entrance Program.

No ATAR is required to get in! Full scholarships and Commonwealth government subsidies available^.

Find out more about this course or apply at UOW College, call 1300 367 869 or contact your local campus at 6494 7035.

 *subject to UOW entry eligibility criteria.

Indigenous Admissions Program (IAP)

The Indigenous Admission Program (IAP) is an assessment process that offers an alternative pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 17, to seek entry into UOW’s undergraduate programs. 

Assessments are conducted online, so access to a computer and the internet is required. Please contact us if access is an issue.

Contact Woolyungah Indigenous Centre or UOW Bega Valley at 6494 7035 for further information.

Vocational qualifications

The following qualifications may be submitted for assessment of entry eligibility:

  • Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level IV Certificate 
  • Diploma 
  • Advanced Diploma 
  • Associate Diploma 

Several training providers in this region offer eligible courses. These include:

* Some Credit transfer may be granted for these awards.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test

If you are over 21 and have no formal qualifications on which to base your application to a UOW, you may be eligible to be considered for entry to a course by sitting STAT.  STAT is a series of tests designed to assess a range of competencies considered important for success in tertiary study.

It assesses your ability to think critically and analyse the material, rather than testing your knowledge of specific academic subjects.  You may gain entry to UOW by achieving sufficient results in the multiple choice STAT. 

Registration and payment for STAT are managed through the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).  Dates, fees, locations and booking information for STAT test sittings in NSW/ACT can be found on the ACER STAT Website.

Completed or partially completed tertiary studies

If you have gained admission to another university and/or partially completed a university degree, you may use this as entry into our degree courses. You need an appropriate record of achievement from an approved university.

You may also be eligible for some advanced standing from subjects completed. Documents must be accompanied by an official English translation if they were produced in another language.  

How to apply

Follow the steps below and remember we are here to help at any step during the application process.

If you are currently completing year 12, apply for our courses through UAC. Preferences can be changed for main round offers up to the first week of January in the commencing year.

Step 1 - Choose your course

Explore the courses that are available at UOW Bega Valley. We have undergraduate (first or Bachelor degrees) and postgraduate courses available. Within our courses there are various specialisations to choose from, depending on your interests and future career plans.

Step 2 - Check your eligibility

Find out if you are eligible. Read through the eligibility information to see the various entry options.

Step 3 - Apply

If you are applying for Nursing, you will need to apply via the Universities Admission Centre (UAC).’

For all other courses, complete the online application form, attach scanned copies of certified documents such as certificates, results from previous courses and proof of citizenship.

You may make an appointment with our staff to certify your documents and submit your forms. Alternatively your documents can be certified by a Justice of the Peace, police officer or person holding a similar professional position.

Like to speak to someone about any aspect of the application process?

Come and visit the campus for a site inspection and have all your questions answered in person.