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Our team: A foundation for safety and security

Educators who live and work in communities that have been impacted by bushfires may have been directly impacted themselves and will also have an emotional response to the disaster. It is important that you look after your own well-being as well as the well-being of your team.

The integrity of the team

Importance of supporting the team | Acknowledging your team | Understanding your team | Integrity of the team | Compartmentalisation

Making time for reflection and planning

Planning for intentional practice | Benefits of working in team | Making time | Cohesion as a team and reflection

Understanding your own needs and team well-being

Potential impact on educators | Practice of relationships | Concerns for educator well-being | Actions to support educators in crisis | Signs of struggling with mental health | Importance of supporting educator well-being

Connecting with the sector for support

Supporting educators to feel connected | Sector support available to educators | Be You resources and NSW Department of Education.


Be You: Beyond Blue recognises that self-care is the first step for providing support to others. They have specific tips for early childhood educators to consider their own self-care. This is especially important as many educators have experienced loss and trauma themselves during the bushfire disaster. . Participating in Be You may give your team the direction and focus to restore the sense of safety and security in your team and community. You may like to take some time at a staff meeting to assess the impact of the disaster on your staff team.

Visit Be You: Beyond Blue: Educator wellbeing after a natural disaster 

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Lifeline crisis support is acritical community support in times of crisis. It is important to ensure that all educators have access to emotional support, even if they haven’t articulated any distress. An online real time chat is available 7pm-midnight 7 days for adults who are overwhelmed or having difficulty coping. Educators should also be directed to call lifeline from the services on 13 11 14, available 24/7 if they appear in distress.

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