CASS members are active researchers, publishing in major journals locally and internationally. These papers showcase some of our most recent output.


In 2021 CASS members were keeping busy producing new publications

Gender and Domestic Workers in Hillary Callan (ed.)
The International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, John Wiley and Sons.

Locating Chinese Women
University of Hong Kong Press, 2021
Kate Bagnall & Julia T. Martínez

Mary Chong and Gwen Fong: University Educated Chinese Australia Women
in Kate Bagnall & Julia T. Martínez, Locating Chinese Women, University of Hong Kong Press, 2021, pages 204-229

The Normal Life of Settlers
Ethnicities (special issue: Enacting Settler Responsibilities Towards Decolonisation), 21(6)

In Issam Nassar and Ariella Aïsha Azoulay (Eds.) ‘Time Travelers in Palestine’, Jerusalem Quarterly 86: 19.

The Reproduction of Settler Colonialism in Palestine
Journal of Perpetrator Research, 4(1): 1-36.

Underpricing in a developing capital market: Australian equity issuances, 1920-1939
Economic History Review, 74, 3: 831-55.
Grant Fleming, Frank Liu, David Merrett and Simon Ville. 2021

Coping with climate extremes: Railways and pastoralism during the Federation Drought
Environment & History
Andre Brett and Simon Ville. 2021.

The Place of Human Dignity in an Emotional World: Shame and Honour, Humility and Humiliation
In Joanna Bourke, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, Ute Frevert, Lucy Noakes, and David Nash, ‘Forum: The Politics of Humiliation: A Modern History by Ute Frevert (OUP, 2020)’, Cultural History, Volume 10, Number 2 (2021) pp. 263–269.

Anger, Resentment and the Limits of Historical Narratives in Protest Politics: The Case of Early Twentieth Century Irish Women’s Intersectional Movements
Emotions: History, Cultural, Society (EHCS), Louise D’Arcens and Lise Waldek (eds), ‘Special Issue: Political Emotions and Ideological Performance’, Volume 5 (2021), pp. 68-86.

‘Vote100/Vótáil100. Die Erinnerung an das Frauenwahlrecht in Großbritannien und Irland’ (‘Vote100/Vótáil100: Women’s Suffrage Commemorations in Britain and Ireland’), Translated into German by Christine Brocks, in Birgitta Bader-Zaar and Mineke Bosch (eds) ‘Special Issue: Contested Memories. The commemoration of 100 years of women’s suffrage in Europe and the United States’, L’Homme, Volume 32, Number 1 (2021 ), pp.15-36

Gender: Key Concepts
Stefan Berger, Berber Bevernage, Maria Grever, Ethan Klein, Tracy Loughran and Edward Wang (eds), Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method (Bloomsbury: London, 2021)


  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, ‘Divided Sisterhood? Nationalist Feminism and Militancy in England and Ireland’, in Evan Smith and Matthew Worley (eds), The British Left and Ireland in the Twentieth Century (Routledge: London, 2021). (Originally published as an article in Contemporary British History in 2018.)
  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, ‘Narratives of Democracy, the Emotions of Politics and Memories of Militant Suffragism: Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia’, in June Purvis and June Hannam (eds), The British Women's Suffrage Campaign: National and International Perspectives (Routledge: London, 2021), pp.179-198
  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, ‘Emotions and Empire in Suffrage and Anti-Suffrage Politics: Britain, Ireland and Australia in the Early Twentieth Century’, in Women’s Suffrage and Beyond (University of London Press: London, 2021), pp.309-330 

Book Reviews

  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, Imperial Emotions: The Politics of Empathy across the British Empire (Book Review), by Jane Lydon (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2020), History Australia, Volume 18, Number 2 (2021), pp.414-415.2021. DOI: 10.1080/14490854.2021.1919028
  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, Distant Sisters. Australasian Women and the International Struggle for the Vote, 1880-1914 (Book Review), by James Keating (MUP: 2020), Women’s History Review (published online 12 April 2021).
  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, A New History of the Irish in Australia (Book Review), by Elizabeth Malcolm and Dianne Hall (Cork University Press, 2019), Saothar: Journal of Irish Labour History, Volume 46 (2021), pp.14-15.
  • Crozier-De Rosa, Sharon, Markievicz: Prison Letters and Rebel Writings (Book Review), ed by Lindie Naughton (Merrion Press, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, 2018), LSE Review of Books (online January 2021).


2020 was a tumultuous year but CASS researchers published a wide range of research.

"I’m Not Even Making That Up”: The Moriori Myth and Denials of Indigeneity in New Zealand.
History in a Post-Truth World: Theory and Praxis, edited by Marius Gudonis and Benjamin T. Jones, 199–217. London: Routledge.

“The Exceptional Circumstances Under Which We Are Working”: Railways and Water in Australasia, 1870s to 1914
History Australia, 17:3, 489–509.

Coping with Climate Extremes: Railways and Pastoralism in the Federation Drought, 1895–1903
Environment and History
Brett, André, and Simon Ville

Claims, Confusion, and Status: Which City Is New Zealand’s Oldest?
New Zealand Geographer, 76:1, 62–70.

A shameful form of oppression”: Anglo American Activism and the Slow Decline of Chinese Indentured Labour in British North Borneo
Labor History, online publication. 

Murder and the Working Lives of Chinese Male Servants in Colonial Singapore, 1910s-1930s
International Review of Social History, online publication. 

Gender and Domestic Workers, in Hillary Callan (ed.) 
The International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, John Wiley and Sons.

"Australia…on a plate": Further Back in Time for Dinner
History Australia

Getting creative with less. Recipe lessons from the Australian Women’s Weekly during wartime
in 2020: The Year that Changed Us, Thames & Hudson, Melbourne, pp. 134-137.

The Imitation Game: Mock Foods in the Australian Women's Weekly, 1933–82
Australian Historical Studies, vol. 51, no.4, pp.477-493

Capitalism in Australia: New histories for a reimagined future 
Thesis Eleven 160, 1, pp. 95-120
Ben Huf , Yves Rees, Michael Beggs, Nicholas Brown, Frances Flanagan, Shannyn Palmer, Simon Ville

Investing in a Successful Resource-Based Colonial Economy: International Business in Australia before World War One
Business History Review. 94, 2, pp. 321-46.
Simon Ville and David Tolmie Merrett

Researching the Natural History Trade of the Nineteenth Century
Museum History Journal 13, 1, pp. 1-12.

Macleay’s Choice: Transacting in the natural history trade in the 19th century
Journal of the History of Biology 53, 3, pp. 345-75.
Simon Ville, Claire Wright & Jude Philp 

Coping with Climate Extremes: Railways and Pastoralism in the Federation Drought, 1895–1903
Environment and History
André Brett and Simon Ville

Finding convergence: Economic perspectives and the economic practices of an Australian ecovillage
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 34, pp. 209-220.
Oriana Milani Price, Simon Ville, Emma Heffernan, Belinda Gibbons, MaryJohnsson