Our people

The Centre for Colonial and Settler Studies is made up of academics and postgraduate students at the University of Wollongong. We also welcome affiliates from Australia and overseas.

Professor Sharon Crozier-De Rosa
CASS Co-Director
Research interests: Memory cultures, emotions and affect, and histories of activisms from anti-colonial to feminist to archival

Dr Cammi Webb-Gannon
CASS Co-Director and Work in Progress (WIP) coordinator
Research interests: Oceanian politics of decolonisation; the West Papua self-determination movement; the role of the arts and technology in Pacific decolonization struggles; critical ethnographic and action research methods; arts-based resistance in Pacific identity struggles.

Dr Claire Lowrie
PhD (University of Wollongong)
Research interests: History of colonialism and labour in the Asia-Pacific region; global and transnational history; history of imperialism; environmental history

Associate Professor Jane Carey
BA Hons, BSc, PhD (University of Melbourne)
Research interests: Settler colonialism, Australian colonial history, comparative and transcolonial histories, women’s history, biopolitics, Indigenous histories

Dr Vicki Crinis
ASSH Honorary Research Fellow
BA Hons and PhD (University of Wollongong)
Research interests: Colonial Malaya, history of trafficking women and girls, League of Nations and trafficking, feminism, internationalism and human rights

Dr Peter Gibson
BAL Honorary Research Fellow
Research interests: Chinese Australian history, business history, labour history and the history of modern China

Dr Marie Geissler
ASSH Honorary Research Fellow
PhD (University of Wollongong)
Research interests: Indigenous knowledges, Indigenous art, Arnhem Land bark painting, Indigenous agency in cultural collections, Intercultural histories

Dr Michael R. Griffiths 
BA Hons (University of Western Australia), MA, PhD (Rice University)
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Research interests: Settler colonial studies, Australian literature, Indigenous literatures

Ash Markstone
Ash is a Dunghutti woman from Northern New South Wales and a Lecturer in Indigenous Studies
Interests: Indigenous Studies, environmental sustainability, sovereignty, domestic violence, neurodivergence, futurisms, history, education, advocacy, and justice.

Professor Julia Martínez
BA, DipEd (Melbourne), BA Hons (Wollongong), PhD (Wollongong)
Research interests: colonial histories of North Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Dr Lauren Samuelsson
ASSH Honorary Research Fellow
Research interests: Australian cultural history, the history of food and drink

Associate Professor Lisa Slater
BA Hons (Sydney University), BA Comm (Canberra University), MA (Sydney University),  PhD (Sydney University)
Research interests: Settler colonialism; gender, race and place; emotions and settler belonging; Indigenous cultural production and the cultural interface; cultural theory and cultural studies

Dr Ana Stevenson
Lecturer (Pathways), University of Southern Queensland and UOW Honorary Lecturer -
Interests: Women's history, feminist history, gender history, United States history, Australian history, South African history, transnational history, social movements, literary studies, media studies, cultural studies, screen studies, feminist theory.

Dr Marcelo Svirsky
Research interests: settler colonial theory, comparative settler colonialism, Israel/Palestine, subjectivity studies

Senior Professor Simon Ville
BA Hons (University College London), PhD (University College London)
Research interests: Australian and international economic and business history, comparative economic development, and international business

Emma Bellino
Thesis title:
‘Marriage, women’s nationality, and Australia’s Asian communities in the early twentieth century’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Kate Bagnall
Interests: women’s/gender/feminist history, marital and reproductive histories, periodical studies, Indigenous history, Australian history, histories of emotions

Nicholas Dickie
Thesis title: ‘Provosts and Prisoners: The Australian military police and prisoners of war in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific and Australia during the Second World War’
Supervisors: Claire Lowrie and Jen Roberts

Nadia Gregory
Thesis title: “Working together, working apart”: Multiracial connections across women’s organisations in the South African anti-apartheid movement’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, Julia Martinez, Ana Stevenson

Rachel Macpherson
Thesis title:
‘Australian suffrage and the construction of alternative modern nationalisms, 1880-1901’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier De Rosa and Jane Carey

Brian Scott
Thesis title: 
‘Enterprise and the economic development of Australia, 1860-1900’
Supervisors: Simon Ville and André Brett
Interests: Early Australian economic and settlement history; Australian entrepreneurs; British colonial international settlements and their impact; British, New Zealand, United States and Argentinian 19th century entrepreneurs and their impact on economic development.

Leonie Tan
Thesis title: ‘James Thornton Beckett: The First Chief Inspector of Aborigines in the Northern Territory’
Supervisors: Jane Carey and Julia Martinez

Renzhe Zhang
Thesis title:
The New Cultural Movement and the Chinese Diaspora in Australia, 1910s-1930s’
Supervisors: Jason Lim and Julia Martinez
Interests: Chinese Australians, nationalism, colonialism, postmodernism

Dr Kate Bagnall
University of Tasmania
Research interests: legal histories of migration and citizenship; the White Australia Policy and Chinese restriction; overseas Chinese family life; Chinese in colonial Australasia

Dr André Brett 
Curtin University
BA Hons and PhD (University of Melbourne)
Visit André Brett's website
Research interests: New Zealand and Australian history, with an emphasis on political, environmental, economic, and transport themes; also, genocide studies, higher education history, global railway history

Dr Amanda Harris
University of Sydney
Research Interests: Australian cultural history, histories of music and dance, cultural heritage and archives, settler colonial and Indigenous histories, gender and women’s history

Dr Rohan Howitt
Australian National University
Research Interests: History of Australian imperialism; history of colonialism in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean; Global history; environmental history

Dr Frances Steel
University of Otago, New Zealand
Research interests: Settler colonial sub-imperialisms in the Pacific, oceanic mobilities, networks of commodity exchange, ships and port towns as sites of colonial encounters and consumption

Dr Jodie Stewart 
Casual UOW Lecturer and Tutor
Research Interests: Aboriginal history, settler historiography, settler colonialism, place, mobility and walking, public history

Dr Claire Wright
University of Technology Sydney
Research Interests: Australian history, economic history, global history, intellectual history, settler colonial societies

PhD Student Affiliates

Anna Dunn
The University of Sydney
Thesis title: ‘Rocky Relations: Aboriginal cultural heritage protection and recreational use in conservation areas’

Jessica Urwin
The Australian National University
Thesis Title: Chain Reactions: Nuclear Colonialism in South Australia

Vanessa Whittington
Western Sydney University
Thesis title: ‘Authenticities, deficits, transformations: visitor responses to Aboriginal cultural heritage in Australian protected areas’.
Vanessa Whittingham's Academia Website

If you would like to be affiliated with the Centre for Colonial and Settler Studies, get in touch with centre Director, Cammi Webb-Gannon.