Housing & accommodation

Living at UOW

One of the most important decisions to make is where you will live during your studies in Wollongong. Many students say one of the best parts of the university experience is living in a university residence. UOW has a variety of accommodation options, flexi-catered, fully catered or self-catered and all are located close to the campus and within a short walk, bus or train ride to the city centre.

Accommodation options at UOW

Ali: I’m Ali.

Julia: My name is Julia.

Lillian: My name is Lillian and I live in UOW accommodation.

Julia: I thought it would be really hard to begin with, because I was away from my family. But because it was so inviting and so many people around me, it almost felt like a home away from home.

Lillian: I moved here from the Blue Mountains, so a little bit past Sydney. I decided to move to Wollongong because it offered the best course for me, but I really didn't want to be travelling back and forth. I wanted to feel settled in one place.

Ali: I thought that it would be so far from everything, but the train station is so close. Whenever something is happening in Sydney I just jump on the train.

Lilian: There’s a fair bit of nightlife, which is pretty fun, but it's really relaxed. It's really easy to just go into town, hang out, you know. There's a lot of cute little cafes to have lunch at or go to the beach and just sit for a while.

Julia: I thought I would just be a student going to class every, day but it's been so much more than that. I’ve been able to do so many more things and meet so many people.

Ali: It gives you a better feeling that you are supported and you're not alone.

Lillian: It's such a social and a positive environment, and being inspired by other people who are just so driven.

Julia: It's not just a degree anymore. It's kind of a different lifestyle and it's exactly what you want out of uni.

Application deadlines

Autumn Session (February): 11 November
Spring Session (July): 1 May

An application fee of $28 is required in order to ensure our application is considered.

The Accommodation Services Office will notify you of the outcome of your application by email. If you are offered a place in one of the residences, please read through the contract information sent to you as this will explain costs, conditions and any special requirements.

*Please note that your Accommodation application is completed separately from your Study Abroad or Exchange application.

Rarely will you have the chance to live in a community that has people from so many walks of life and countries. UOW offers a guaranteed place in UOW Accommodation to Study Abroad and Exchange students.