Academic restrictions

Please note that some subjects have quotas or other restrictions. All enrolments are subject to sessional availability and satisfying of pre-requisites. If you have any questions regarding your study plan or subject selections please contact the UOW Office of Global Student Mobility (Student Central, Bld. 17) by phone to 02 4221 3170 or email to 

Quotas or Restricted Subjects
Faculty of Business and Law

Must meet pre-requisites

Study Abroad & Exchange students CANNOT take the following classes: LAW313 

Students wishing to undertake subjects from the School of Law who are not studying a degree in Law at their home university must select LAW coded elective subjects (not electives beginning with the prefix ‘LLB’). Students studying a degree in Law at their home university should select LLB coded electives.

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences Must meet pre-requisites

Faculty of the Arts, Socials Sciences and Humanities

Must meet pre-requisites

School of the Arts, English and Media - 200 level and above are restricted to students majoring in the relevant study area- Visual Arts, Performance, Creative Writing etc. Due to quotas some subjects in the School of the Arts, English and Media have limited spaces available to Study Abroad & Exchange students.

Education subjects have limited space for Study Abroad & Exchange students. Study Abroad & Exchange students CANNOT take the following classes*: EYPD102, EYPD201, EYLL302, EYFE301, EYTE401, EDPS111, EDPS201, EDPS301, EDPS401, EDPS402, EDPD304, EDPD306, EDPD404, EDPD405, EDPD406, EDPP302, EDPP301, EDPP403, EDPD101, EDPD202, EDPD301, EDPD401, EDPD402, EDPD100, EDPD201 
*EDUP235/EDUP234/MEDI subjects are offered by SMAH
**For all subjects not listed on the general schedule, exchange students must be enrolled in an Education major at their home institution.

100 level Social Sciences subjects can be pre-approved by the Office of Global Student Mobility and therefore do not require Faculty pre-approval. All other subjects must be approved by the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

Postgraduate Psychology subjects (PSYP codes) are restricted for study abroad and exchange students.

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

Must meet pre-requisites

Nursing subjects are restricted to students who are nursing majors at their home university. 

Postgraduate Subjects (800/900 level subjects) Must provide proof of completion of an undergraduate degree