My eQuals FAQs

Q. Why go digital?

UOW is one of 47 universities across Australia and New Zealand implementing My eQuals. This means that students and employers will see more and more digital academic documents being used, requested and/or shared.

More and more of the higher education sector is finding that there is a preference for digital documents over hard-copy versions.  

Q. How do I know the digital document is authentic?

My eQuals ensure document authenticity when accessed via the My eQuals portal. My eQuals documents are authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid. The underlying My eQuals systems have been independently tested by security experts, with documents containing digital signatures that meet the legal requirements of certified digital documents in countries around the world.  To check a document is authentic, look for the following features:

When viewing the document online:

  • Check you are accessing a document in the My eQuals portal – the link will start with
  • The certified blue banner is present
  • The document is 'Available' (i.e., not revoked); and 
  • The certification information states the document has been certified and digitally signed by UOW.

When viewing the document PDF format:

  • In Adobe Acrobat Reader, certified documents will contain a blue-ribbon above the document, this will say "Certified by the University of Wollongong… all signatures are valid"; and 
  • Documents that have been tampered or modified will not display a blue-ribbon certification statement.

Printed from My eQuals:

  • The University cannot verify a digital document's authenticity when printed from the portal.  Only certified hardcopies issued directly by UOW can be verified as authentic.

Q. How can I find out how my personal information is being managed?

UOW is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy of your personal and health information. UOW’s My eQuals privacy statement describes how UOW manages your personal information for the purpose of providing you with a means to access, and share digitally certified versions of your academic documents.

Further information about how UOW handles your personal information, including your right of access can be found here. Information about how My eQuals collects, handles and stores personal information can be found on the My eQuals website.

If you have questions or concerns regarding My eQuals handling your information, please contact My eQuals.

Q. How can I share my digital documents with others?

You can share your digital documents online with third parties using the generated link (to your chosen document), and emailing that link to the third party.  Be sure to include context as to what it is you are sharing with them, and why.

Find out more about sharing your digital documents on the My eQuals website.

Q. Who can see my digital documents?

My eQuals is a secure and trusted platform. My eQuals digital academic documents are clearly certified when shared with third parties. Even after your records have been issued, the cryptographic security that My eQuals uses is periodically updated to ensure long-term protection.

Once UOW has issued you with a digital document via the portal, you are in total control of that document.  Only you can see your document(s), and decide who you will share them with, including how long.

Please note, UOW remains the provider and issuer of our student records and has the ability to update and/or revoke documents.

Q. How long are documents valid for?

Degree certificates and final transcripts are life-long documents, i.e., never expire. There may however be circumstances where you may need a document re-issued and as such, the updated (reissued) document in the portal will replace the original document, which will then no longer be available.

Q. How can third parties use the portal?

Students/graduates can provide third parties with a link to their original certified digital document stored in My eQuals.  The document viewed via the My eQuals portal is the original document issued by UOW and can be used for education verification purposes.  By accessing documents through the My eQuals portal, third parties can be certain of the authenticity of the students’ record.

You can also download and save the document if required, however, this will no longer be considered an 'authentic' document.  Third parties can find out more about Education Verification from the Student Central webpage. 

Q. Can I submit My eQuals documents as part of my UOW admissions application?

Yes. If you have had documents issued to you via the portal, you can generate a link to your document(s) and either paste the link in your application, or into an email to

Q. Can I submit a certified PDF from my My eQuals account as part of my admissions application?

Yes. However, you must also provide us with a link to your digital document, so that UOW can view the original certified document via the My eQuals portal.

A digital document viewed online via the portal is the original document issued by the issuing university and can be used for education verification purposes.  A PDF is a copy of the original document in My eQuals and so it cannot be used for education verification. By accessing your document via My eQuals, UOW can be certain of the authenticity of your record.

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