Financial assistance for future students

Preparing for your arrival at UOW is essential to ensure your journey to university is stress-free and well organised. Being aware of your current finances, as well as being informed about upcoming university expenses, is super important. It's how you stay on top and manage your transition to the next phase of your life. So check out these resources about the cost of uni life, money management tips and the support services we have in place to back you up!

Textbooks, subscriptions, technology and equipment - you'll receive details about what you need in each of your subjects and as part of your degree when you begin. They can add up so make sure to use the resources below to educate yourself and assess what you'll need. 


Managing money as a student can be tough, we know from experience! Living the university life can come with a range of expenses from books, concert tickets, coffee, accommodation, tech, socialising and more. Learning techniques to save your hard-earned cash is essential for a uni student on a budget. Here are some resources to get in the right mindset:

You've got to prepare to be prepared! Before you accept your offer and commit to university, explore the financial support available to you as a university student such as HECS/HELP loans, billing options and government assistance. 

It's also a good idea to look at the range of scholarships UOW has on offer - you'd be surprised at how diverse the range is, rewarding excellence in the areas of academia, leadership, community and sport.