Unauthorised items

The following items are not allowed in exam venues:


This includes any form of opaque (not clear) bag larger than A4, including but not limited to; carry bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and briefcases.

If you are sitting your exam in the Sports Hub, you will need to leave your bag in Building 41 Room 104. Please make sure you leave enough time to do this before your exam starts.

Large electronics (laptops)

Any form of large electronic device (i.e. will not fit into a clear A4-sized zip lock bag) including but not limited to tablets and laptops.

Blank paper

This includes tissues or anything else that could be used as blank paper. Raise your hand if you require tissues and they will be provided in the exam.

Written material/notes

Not permitted unless specified in the subject outline and exam timetable. Including items such as prayer books, packets on products such as tissues, eraser covers and cigarette packets.

Food and drink

No other food except lollies, and no other drink except water that is cold or at room temperature.

If you have a disability or medical condition which requires you to eat or drink anything other than water and lollies during your exam, you should ensure that you have registered with the Disability Services at least three weeks before the exam period so that alternative arrangements can be made for you. No other exceptions will be made.

Opaque (not clear) pencil cases

Only see-through/clear pencil cases are permitted.

Calculator cases and covers

Please remove the covers and cases on your calculator.

Other items

For safety reasons, items such as umbrellas, glass, cigarette lighters and matches.

Storage of unauthorised items

The items specified above must be left outside the exam room. The University does not guarantee the safe-keeping of your personal items during exams. If you are concerned about the safety of your valuable items you should make other arrangements for their care while you are in your exam.