On the exam day

Valid ID and Entry

Ensure that you have valid ID (UOW student card, UOW College card, drivers licence or passport) and show it upon entry.

Arrive at your exam location at least 15 minutes before your exam is scheduled to commence.

If your exam is at Wollongong campus, you will need to check your seat number before entering the exam venue. These details are available on your personalised exam timetable on SOLS or the posters at your exam venue.

Arriving late

You can enter the exam venue for the first 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the exam. If you start your exam late you will not be given any extra time.

If you arrive after the first 30 minutes, you will not be permitted to enter the exam venue. You will need to report to an exam supervisor who will issue you with a form to take to your subject coordinator.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, arriving late for an exam is NOT sufficient grounds for a supplementary exam.

Leaving early

You cannot leave your seat until 30 minutes after the scheduled start of the exam, except in exceptional circumstances or emergencies. Please make sure you visit the toilet before your exams starts.

If you have finished early, raise your hand and stay in your seat until a supervisor has collected your exam materials.

Leave the room as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing other students. Please also be aware of students taking exams in nearby venues.

If you finish your exam in the last 10 minutes of the exam, you cannot leave your seat. Please wait quietly while other students finish their work.

If you leave the exam venue early you will not be permitted to return to the exam.

Illness during an exam

If you fall ill during an exam you MUST advise the exam supervisor before leaving the exam venue. If you apply for Academic Consideration but have not notified an exam supervisor prior to leaving, your application may be denied.

End of the exam

The supervisor will tell you when there is 10 minutes left of your exam. Make sure that the covers of all exam materials are completed with your name, student ID number and the number of exam booklets used. Any unused booklets must still be completed with this information and returned with your other materials.

Do not take the exam paper or other exam materials from the exam venue. Make sure to listen to supervisor instructions. If you do not follow these instructions misconduct proceedings may apply.

You must remain quietly seated in the exam room until your exam materials have been collected and wait to be dismissed by the exam supervisor.

Contact Exam Support

Having a problem during an exam? Call the number below for dedicated Exam Support, or use the IT Support Online Chat, 8am - 6pm Mon - Fri, and 10am - 5pm Sat - Sun.

+61 2 4221 3000 Online Chat