Research the role

The more you know of yourself (experience, skills, values, motivators), and the more you know of your audience/target employer (their industry, their culture, their clients, their products and services), the easier it is for you to identify how you can add value to their work setting - on paper, on the phone, online or in person. Please see below for links and resources on how to assess your ‘fit’ for a role.

Self assessment

Identify and discover your motivations, interests, skills, values and experiences with our CareerSmart Discovery Tool and online self-assessments.

Research the Role

Connect with others in similar roles, find out who hires, why do people leave this role, what are the challenges and opportunities of this position.

Research the Company

Research the employer/ company and identify the company values, their structure, get a feel for their staff satisfaction and work place culture.

How do I do this? Research the company website, social media platforms, media releases, could also look at annual reports and financial data

Useful Research Tools

Job advertisements often list responsibilities separate to the job criteria. It is the criteria you need to assess against your experience when determining your fit for the role. Review our Sample Job Ad here.

You can also speak to people that are currently in these roles in other companies, to get a feel for what the role is really like. This is called Informational Interviewing.

Tip: Do not apply 'en masse' to 30-50 organisations. A targeted application that will stand out from the crowd is more likely to come from research and tailoring.

Additional CareerHub Plus resources

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