Student Enquiries

T: 1300 275 869

School Office Enquiries

T: +61 2 4221 3339
F: +61 2 4221 3137

School of Nursing
Building 41
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

Key Staff

School of Nursing Contacts

Head of School: Professor Yenna Salamonson

Deputy Head of School: Professor Bronwyn Everett

Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning): Mrs Lorraine Fields 

Associate Head of School (Research): Associate Professor Caleb Ferguson

Associate Head of School (Partnerships and Engagement): Dr Luke Molloy

Associate Head of School (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion): Dr John Rihari-Thomas

Professor Val Wilson - ISLHD and University of Wollongong


Professor Bronwyn Everett
Professor Steven Frost 
Professor Elizabeth Halcomb 
Professor Lorna Moxham 
Professor Victoria Traynor 

Melinda Tippett (School Manager)

Helen Petsas (Administration Assistant)

Mrs Sharon Wilson - Technical Officer
Mrs Karen Healey - Simulation Assistant
Miss Samantha Walker – Simulation Technician

South Western Sydney
Miss Meaghan Marshall-Creed - Laboratory Assistant

Southern Sydney
Mrs Simone Yeats – Laboratory Assistant 

Mrs Julie Cameron - Laboratory Assistant 

Batemans Bay
Miss Rachel Churchward - Laboratory Assistant 

Ms Jessie Austin - Laboratory Assistant

Doctor Abbas Al Mutair (Honorary Associate Professor)

Mr. Ibrahim Alananzeh (Honorary Lecturer)

Doctor Shalini Cleophas (Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer)

Professor John Daly (Honorary Professor)

Doctor Jane Douglas (Honorary Senior Fellow)

Professor Ritin Fernandez (Honorary Professor)

Doctor Terence Froggatt (Honorary Senior Fellow)

Doctor Namraj Goire (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)

Doctor Maria Hannemann (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)

Doctor Lyndel Hewitt (Honorary Fellow)

Professor Roderick Iedema (Honorary Professor)

Ms. Maxine Jenkins (Honorary Fellow)

Doctor Kelvin Chit Yuen Leung (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)

Doctor Jonathan Lloyd (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Professor Tanya McCance (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Doctor Declan Patton (Honorary Senior Lecturer)

Associate Professor Lucie Ramjan (Honorary Associate Professor)

Ms. Ketty Rivas (Visiting Clinical Fellow)

Doctor Jenny Sim (Honorary Associate Professor)

Ms. Kate Swaffer (Honorary Fellow)