Student Enquiries

T: 1300 275 869

School Office Enquiries

T: +61 2 4221 3339
F: +61 2 4221 3137

School of Nursing
Building 41
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue

Key Staff

School of Nursing Contacts

Professor Yenna Salamonson - Head of School

Professor Bronwyn Everett - Deputy Head of School

Mrs Lorraine Fields - Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning) 

Professor Bronwyn Everett - Interim Research Director 

Dr Luke Molloy - Associate Head of School (Partnerships and Engagement)

Dr John Rihari-Thomas - Associate Head of School (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) 

Professor Lorna Moxham 
Professor Tim Wand

  • Emily de Tourettes (Bega Valley)
  • Jo-Anne Gray (Wollongong)
  • Karla Kuzmins (Eurobodalla)
  • Ashley Matthews (Liverpool, Shoalhaven and Wollongong)
  • Jennifer Redmond (Liverpool, Sutherland)
  • Brandon Smith (Wollongong)

Ms Melinda Tippett - School Manager

Ms Helen Petsas - Administration Assistant

Ms Sonia Lanzi - Administration Officer

Mrs Nicole Britten - Project Manager

Mrs Nadine Veerhuis - Project Manager

Ms Susan Brownlowe - Senior Research Assistant Mentoring Co-ordinator

Mrs Christine Cairns - Acting ADHERe Administrator

Dr Ezinne Igwe - Research Associate

UOW Wollongong Campus
Mrs Sharon Wilson - Technical Officer
Mrs Karen Healey - Simulation Assistant
Miss Samantha Walker – Simulation Technician

UOW Liverpool Campus
Miss Meaghan Marshall-Creed - Laboratory Assistant

UOW Sutherland Campus
Mrs Simone Yeats – Laboratory Assistant 

UOW Shoalhaven Campus
Mrs Julie Cameron - Laboratory Assistant 

UOW Eurobodalla Campus
Miss Rachel Churchward - Laboratory Assistant 

UOW Bega Valley Campus
Ms Jessie Austin - Laboratory Assistant

  • Dr Julee McDonagh
  • Dr Sabine Allida 
  • Scott William
  • Doctor Abbas Al Mutair (Honorary Associate Professor)
  • Mr. Ibrahim Alananzeh (Honorary Lecturer)
  • Dr Vanessa Brunelli (Honorary Fellow) 
  • Doctor Shalini Cleophas (Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer)
  • Professor Kathleen Curtis (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
  • Professor John Daly (Honorary Professor)
  • Ms Kerry Doyle (Honorary Fellow)
  • Professor Ritin Fernandez (Honorary Professor)
  • Professor Ajesh George (Honorary Professor)
  • Doctor Manela Glarcher (Honorary Fellow)
  • Doctor Namraj Goire (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)
  • Doctor Maria Hannemann (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)
  • Doctor Lyndel Hewitt (Honorary Fellow)
  • Professor Roderick Iedema (Honorary Professor)
  • Ms. Maxine Jenkins (Honorary Fellow)
  • Associate Professor Carolyn Jackson (Honorary Associate Professor)
  • Ms. Reejamol John (Visiting Research Associate) 
  • Doctor Kelvin Chit Yuen Leung (Honorary Clinical Lecturer)
  • Doctor Jonathan Lloyd (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
  • Professor Tanya McCance (Honorary Professorial Fellow)
  • Doctor Shahla Meedya (Honorary Fellow) 
  • Associate Professor Jed Montayre (Honorary Associate Professor)
  • Doctor Belinda Munroe (Honorary Fellow)
  • Associate Professor Samuel Lapkin (Honorary Associate Professor)
  • Professor Declan Patton (Honorary Professor)
  • Associate Professor Lucie Ramjan (Honorary Associate Professor)
  • Doctor Jenny Sim (Honorary Associate Professor)
  • Doctor Chi Lap Nicholas Tsang (Honorary Fellow)
  • Ms. Kate Swaffer (Honorary Fellow)
  • Professor Val Wilson (Honorary Professor)
  • Professor Rochelle Wynne (Honorary Fellow)