Members (UOW)

Prof Heath Ecroyd
Chaperone proteins / protein aggregation / cellular heat shock response

Prof Brett Garner
Apo-E and Amyloid beta homeostasis

Senior Prof Marie Ranson
Potential roles for Serpins in proteostasis

Senior Prof Mark Wilson
Extracellular Proteostasis, Motor Neurone Disease

Prof Justin Yerbury
Protein homeostasis and aggregation in MND

Prof Lezanne OoiProteostasis in neurodegeneration and neuroprotection

Prof Roger Truscott
Long lived proteins


External members

Prof John Carver
Australian National University
Small Heat Shock Proteins / NMR spectroscopy

Dr Danny Hatters
University of Melbourne
Understanding cellular mechanisms of aggregation

Dr Margie Sunde
University of Sydney
Naturally occurring amyloids

Sir Christopher Dobson FRS
University of Cambridge
Protein folding and disease

Dr Amy Wyatt
Flinders Medical School 
Extracellular chaperones in disease

International collaborators

Dr Justin Benesch
University of Oxford 
Advanced mass spectrometry of sHSPs  

Dr Darren Saunders
The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute 
Ubiquitin proteasome pathway in cancer