About us

The GeoQuEST Research Centre represents a team of motivated researchers within the three main environmental themes of atmosphere, earth and water. Geoscience researchers with an international reputation in Quaternary studies provide an historical perspective on environmental and climate change issues and promote the use of spatial technologies in their research. Equally impressive research on modern environments, pollution and water management, can be integrated with the historical information to provide evidence in support of models projecting future environmental and climate change scenarios. Thus the whole group can be characterised by the holistic study of Earth-system Science and Technology.

Two broad overlapping programs characterise our research – the Ancient and the Modern. There is a prominent focus on understanding the past that comes from our strong geological traditions and is exemplified by our world-class Quaternary studies research and dating facilities. This is complemented by our concern with modern, ongoing processes, particularly environmental and geochemical processes affecting the atmosphere, water and land. GeoQuEST provides the forum for development of collaborative, interdisciplinary projects, of national and international significance, between and across these themes. The Ancient and the Modern themes provide the intellectual foundations to consider the future in a changing world – and our multi-disciplinary strength comes from our credentials to reconstruct the past, to understand the present and to simulate scenarios for the future, and solve complex environmental problems in the context of global change.