Biodiversity in a changing environment

Biodiversity in a changing environment

Fundamental knowledge of the genetic, evolutionary and ecological attributes and functions of species provides the foundation for understanding how biodiversity and ecosystems will respond to global environmental change.

Work in this research area is currently underway in the laboratories of CSES Members Andy Davis, James Wallman, David Ayre, Phillip Byrne, Aimee Silla, Marian Wong, Katarina Mikac, Ben Gooden, Emily Howells, Chris Friesen and Bethany Hoye.

Current projects

Student projects / thesis title

  • Cut adrift: the distribution and abundance of algal wrack and associated fauna. Modelling the impact of decline in a future ocean - Lauren Cole
  • Pattern and process in a threatened seagrass community: Dynamics and habitat use by sessile epifaunal invertebrates in Posidonia australis - Marie-Claire Demers
  • The Evolution of Sociality in Habitat-Specialist Coral Reef Fishes - Martin Hing


  • Reduction in site fidelity with smaller spatial scale may suggest scale-dependent information use Heap, S.M., Stuart-Fox, D., Byrne, P.G. 2015 Behavioral Ecology.
  • Effects of stand size on pollination in temperate populations of the mangrove Avicennia marina Hermansen, T.D., Ayre, D.J., Minchinton, T.E. 2014 Plant Ecology. 215 ( 10 ) pp. 1153 - 1162 .
  • Do male secondary sexual characters correlate with testis size and sperm length in the small hairy maggot blowfly? Jones, S.D., Wallman, J.F., Byrne, P.G. 2014 Zoology Article in Press