There are currently no events for this period

Past events

26 March: Professor Andy Davis, UOW
Topic: Paella, sangria and challenging conundrums: six months of Spanish study leave [PDF]

12 March: Dr Dianna King, UOW
Topic: Monitoring Antarctic bryophyte communities in a time of change [PDF]

25 October:  Dr Crid Fraser (ANU)
TopicDispersal and disturbance shape patterns of biodiversity [PDF]

18 October: Professor Jarle Tryti Nordeide (Nord University, Norway)
Topic: Sperm competition and potential cryptic female choice in an external fertilizer[PDF]

11 October: Professor Andrew Baird, James Cook University
Topic: The corals of Lord Howe Island [PDF]

27 September: Chris Gordon, UOW
Topic: Forest carbon sequestration, fire disturbance and climate change [PDF]

20 September: Matt Rees, Australian Institute of Marine Science
Topic: Seascape ecology of temperate fishes

13 September: Natalie Rosser, UOW
Topic: Some surprising insights into mass coral spawning

6 September: Corey Callaghan, UNSW
Topic: Urban birds

30 August: Brent Koppel, UOW
Topic: Boom and bust ? The proliferation and extinction of Anadara gronosa across northern Australia

16 August: Associate Professor Culum Brown, Macquarie University
Topic: Sharks" (behavioural ecology as a foundation for effective management)

9 August: Rhys Weber, UOW
Topic: Linking spectral signals to novel photosynthetic parameters: from the leaf to the canopy

2 August: Associate Professor Mike Loranty (Colgate University, USA)
Topic: Wildfire impacts on ecosystem structure and associated climate feedbacks in Siberian boreal forests

26 July: Professor Andrew Balmford
Topic: How to feed the world without costing the earth

9 July: Michael Bedward
Topic: Tech Teasers 3 - How to do statistics with 95% less pain and fear

2 July: Nathan Butterworth and Nik Johnston
Topic: Tech Teasers 2 - An Introduction to DNA Barcoding (and other genetic analyses)

25 June: Dr Owen Price and Dr Phil Zylstra (University of Wollongong)
Topic: Tech Teasers - Lidar ? Applying science fiction to plant measurement

18 June: Dr LeeAnn Rollins
Topic: Mechanisms underlying rapid evolution during invasion

4 June: Dr Camilla Whittington
Topic: The genetic basis of innovation: venom, pregnancy, and the evolution of complex traits

28 May: Dr Emily Howells
TopicThermal adaptation in corals from the world's hottest reefs

21 May: Dr Marian Wong
Topic: Social Behaviour of Fishes in Australia and South Africa

14 May: Senior Professor Sharon Robinson
Topic: Making the most of your PhD: The Vitae Research Development Framework and the APR intern program

30 April: Dr Laura Lopez, UOW
Topic: Who, when and where: the importance of context for invasive-native species interactions

23 April: Dr Stephanie Courtney Jones, UOW
Topic: Plastic fantastic: Understanding phenotypic plasticity for conservation

16 April: Dr Chris Friesen, VC Postdoctoral Fellow, UOW
Topic: Senescence and Sexual Conflict: A snake's tale and the painted dragon

9 April: Dr Daniel Falster (UNSW)
Topic: Niche 2.0.0 - Can we predict vegetation structure, diversity, & function from ecological and evolutionary first principles?

26 March: Professor Geoff Hill (Auburn University, USA)
Topic: Speciation and sexual selection as processes to maintain mitonuclear coadaption

19 March: Dr Tom Martin (University of Hull, UK)
Topic: Do zoos hold species representing the greatest conservation priorities?

12 March: Dr Marie Claire Demers, University of Wollongong
Topic: Pattern and process in a threatened seagrass community: Dynamics and habitat use by sessile epifaunal invertebrates in Posidonia australis

5 March: Professor Lynn (Marty) Martin, Department of Integrative Biology, University of South Florida
Topic: Anthropogenic stressors and avian host competence