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The Project Air Strategy for Personality disorders is an internationally recognised leader in research, education and treatment of personality disorders.  

We aim to support compassionate, evidence-based treatment and recovery for people with personality disorder and related conditions.

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We generate scientific research discoveries, inspire through education and training, and consult with our partners to improve treatment. We partner with health, justice, communities, schools, families and individuals, bringing new scientific discoveries to promote recovery through effective response and treatment of complex mental health challenges.

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The 18th International Treatment of Personality Disorder Conference will be held 1-2 November 2024 at the University of Wollongong, Australia. A Lived Experience Day will precede the conference on 31 October 2024. This is a blended event which offers in-person attendance, virtual attendance or a combination of both.

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What is a personality disorder?

A personality disorder is a mental illness that effects a person in a number of ways. It may make it hard for them to feel comfortable in themselves, or lead to problems with controlling emotions and impulses, and often causes difficulties relating to other people. A personality disorder is a condition of the brain and mind. If someone has a personality disorder, it is not their fault and they did not cause it. For most people symptoms begin during teenage years.

With the right treatment, most people can recover from their symptoms and lead productive and fulfilling lives. Individuals can have different types of symptoms, but they usually involve difficulties in Affect, Identity and Relationships (AIR). Psychological treatments are designed to help the person take active control of their lives by helping them understand themselves and their sensitivities, reduce the intensity of suffering from their emotions, and improve their relationships with other people.

Chloe's story

Personality disorders and complex mental health presentations often arise during adolescence. Chloe's story demonstrates how emerging personality disorder can present in a highschool setting, and how parents, teachers, and clinicians can work together to offer early intervention. Project Air aims to offer a comprehensive set of resources for schools, teachers and clinicians to support and respond to young people with complex mental health problems.

Resources for working with young people