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About Project Air

The Project Air Strategy for Personality disorders is an internationally recognised leader in research, education and treatment of personality disorders.  

Our mission statement

We aim to support compassionate, evidence-based treatment and recovery for people with personality disorder and related conditions.

What we do

We generate scientific research discoveries, inspire through education and training, and consult with our partners to improve treatment. We partner with health, justice, communities, schools, families and individuals, bringing new scientific discoveries to promote recovery through effective response and treatment of complex mental health challenges.

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What’s happening now

17th International Treatment of Personality Disorder Conference will be held 1-3 November 2023.

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Project Air Carers - A new free e-learning program for families, partners, friends and others supporting a person with personality disorder.

Are you a male with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? We would like to ask you about your treatment experiences!

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