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Friday 26 November 2021

Green light for 100 per cent renewable power

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Wednesday 24 November 2021

UOW partners with Fulbright Australia to host prestigious scholarship program

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UOW helping Australia promote maritime safety and security in the Indian Ocean

UOW to host officials from Indian Ocean nations for a 10-day training course in maritime security.

Professors consolidate research on sea-level trends around the globe

Two UOW experts have published a comprehensive summary and review of the history of research into sea-level changes, a phenomenon that is increasingly a cause for concern among coastal inhabitants.

Anti-inflammatories could be used to fight superbugs, researchers say

Researchers in Wollongong have discovered that some common anti- inflammatory drugs have an antibiotic effect, suggesting they may have a role to play in treating the ‘superbugs’ that pose a major risk to human health.

UOW unlocks knowledge with new Open Access Policy

UOW has adopted a new policy that aims to unlock access to its greatest asset – knowledge.

Cultural immersion for Japanese student visitors

The University of Wollongong has being playing host to 33 students from Tokyo City University for an early childhood education tour and cultural immersion experience. 

Smallpox vaccine specimen discovered in archives

The discovery of an 1841 smallpox vaccine specimen has been documented in a fascinating paper by public health lecturer Dr Kath Weston.

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