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Wollongong Campus Library Ground Floor looking towards the foyer

UOW Library spaces

Courtesy in the Library

Spaces in the Library are here for everyone to enjoy and you can help keep them this way by:

  •     being respectful by keeping noise down
  •     complying with the IT Acceptable Use policy when you're online
  •     eating hot food outside
  •     disposing of rubbish thoughtfully and recycling when you can
  •     reporting any spills to our Service Desk staff as soon as possible.

Your campus library

If you're studying at another campus, you can find out more about the services and spaces on offer on your regional or metropolitan campus Library page.

Or read on for more information about the spaces found on the three floors of the Wollongong Campus Library.

Wollongong Campus Library map & opening hours

Explore Wollongong Campus Library with our:

Check our opening hours to see when the Library's open.

24/7 access

24/7 access is available on Levels 1 and 2 (South Wing and IT Computer Labs) of Building 17.

The 24/7 space is open during Autumn Session and Spring Session. (The space is not open during session recess.)

Academic space

The academic space is located on Level 1 of the Wollongong Campus Library.

It's a quiet, comfortable and functional place for academics to use and contains four desktop computers, soft furnishings and kitchen amenities.

See our staff at the Service Desk for access.

Access room

The Access room is located on the Ground Floor of the Wollongong Campus Library, next to our Postgraduate Space.

It contains assistive technology for students registered with Disability Services.


  • Toilets are available on each floor.
  • Accessible toilets are available on the Ground Floor and Level 2.
  • Water fountains are on Levels 1 & 2 and in South Wing (Level 2, Building 17).

Computer labs

Computer Lab 1 and Lab 2 are located on Level 2, Building 16 at Wollongong Campus Library.

These labs are available for general use, although you may be asked to move in the event of a class.

Curriculum Resources Centre

The Curriculum Resources Centre (CRC), located in Building 22 on Wollongong Campus, provides teaching resources for the students and staff of the School of Education.

Booth houses on the Ground Floor of Wollongong Campus Library
A group of students crowded around some laptops in the informal learning spaces at the Wollongong Campus Library

Informal learning spaces

Booths, work tables and other informal learning spaces are available for group work across all floors of Wollongong Campus Library.

You don't have to book these spaces but they do fill up fast.

Group Study spaces

Book a group study space for up to two weeks in advance by two or more people for up to two hours a day.

Group study rooms are located on the Ground Floor, Level 2 and South Wing at the Wollongong Campus Library.

Room facilities include:

  • whiteboards (Ground Floor)
  • projectors (GS1 & GS2)
  • plasma screens (Level 2).


Visit the MakerSpace to safely use tools and equipment to explore your creativity and test your technical skills.

It's open to all students and staff to walk through and engage with.

  • Learn to use new tech and tools.
  • Put your knowledge and skills to practice.
  • Meet like-minded makers.
Staff member showing a student how to use virtual reality.
Panizzi Gallery space showing a variety of artworks on the wall and a clay sculpture of a human torso with a plant in it

Panizzi Gallery

The Panizzi Gallery holds exhibitions and events, and is located on the Ground Floor of the Wollongong Campus Library.

Postgraduate spaces

Postgraduate spaces are available on the Ground Floor and South Wing of the Wollongong Campus Library.

The rooms provide quiet, technology-enabled spaces for our HDR students including postgraduates, Honours, Dean's Scholars and Graduate Diploma students.

See our staff at the Service Desk for access.

Quiet study spaces

Quiet areas of the Wollongong Campus Library include:

  • Law Library, Ground Floor
  • All of Level 1
  • Outside Lab 1 and Lab 2, Level 2
  • South Wing, Level 2, Building 17


A range of computers and technology is available throughout the Library's spaces, including:

  • hundreds of desktops
  • collaboration walls running Solstice screens
  • powered study desks
  • whiteboards
  • charging stations.

Wollongong Campus Library virtual tour