Making Future Industries

The Making Future Industries challenge addresses the impact of new technologies and encourages the development of new-to-world products that have a positive impact on society. The challenge has a focus on emerging technologies, new product development, STEM education, the role of making and the interaction of these areas to enhance our capacity for innovation.

Keystone Project: Future Makers

The Future Makers team has been investigating how makerspaces can impact and contribute to the local economy as a stimulus for new business generation and STEM education.

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3D Printed Surfboard Fins

Developing surfboard fins using a performance feedback loop.

GELdom Condom

Engaging with key communities to identify barriers to condom acceptance and to collaboratively design novel solutions.

Heavy Duty Driver Seat

Creating a safer, more pleasant working environment for heavy-duty vehicle drivers by developing an ergonomic seat mitigating the risk of injury and pain.

Next Generation Sunscreen

Designing sunscreens to combat the extreme UV levels in Australia leading to improved health outcomes.

Smart Garments

Developing an embedded real-time communication system for personnel working in mines or other hazardous situations.

3D Printed Flutes

Creating custom-designed flutes that can be played in a variety of microtonal scales.

Energy Efficient Art

Producing artworks that incorporate energy-­efficient elements and slow textile methods to encourage sustainable energy strategies in galleries and museums.

Teeth Protective Wear

Creating a solution that will bind to the tooth surface creating a barrier between the tooth and bacteria, assisting people who do not have access to professional dental care.

Smart Shoes

Customising shoes equipped with sensors, distance/position transducers, and accelerometers, to detect walking ability and alerts of possible falls for elderly individuals.

Southern Manufacturing Innovation Group

Connecting manufacturers in the region with researchers at UOW.

Cold Formed Steel

Innovative steel connections that could change the construction industry and be a potential solution to the housing shortage problems in Australian cities.

Smart Sodium Storage System

Developing a new sodium-ion battery architecture.

Smart Limb Rehab

Developing a wearable smart limb prototype, to be used for knee rehabilitation.

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