Flourishing in place: a university-community partnership approach

This iterative and immersive project aims to uncover how, in a global context of overconsumption, finite resources and rising cost of living, we can create local, nourishing worlds using what we already have.

It examines what a settler institution of higher learning, the University of Wollongong (UOW), located on unceded lands, fostering diverse experts who focus on how we can live smarter, safer, healthier, happier lives, can and should contribute to its surrounding community. And it aims to map a collaborative path for UOW and Bellambi communities to pool resources, aspirations and expertise to create a symbiotic relationship of abundance.

Conceptually, the project draws on ontological understandings of belonging-in-place and thinking/becoming with the built environment and Country. Each concept values the agency and creative force of the human and more than human in revealing, through ethnographic and action-research methods, the novel, site-specific ways of living well at the intersection of sea, land and house/home. By challenging the colonial separation of Country and people and the places they dwell, this project creates space for flourishing, reconciliation, and a university-community relationship of hope.

The team