AI-assisted obstacle detection and guidance system for blind and vision-impaired people

It is estimated that there are over 575,000 blind and vision-impaired people in Australia, of whom over 70% are over 65-year-old and 66,000 people are blind.

An aging society combined with a dramatic increase in road traffic means that the blind or vision-impaired people require smarter-but-affordable assistive technologies to assist them in daily participation in traffic.

This project proposes an affordable solution which not only can detect obstacles, but also has advanced features such as locating obstacles, realising types of obstacles, assisting users to navigate through obstacles, and analysing the walking patterns of the users. To this end, the project brings together both experienced researchers and early career researchers from four faculties in collaboration with a community partner to address three key research problems: positioning obstacles and navigation, AI-assisted learning of surrounding environments, and human step analyses.

The team