Olivier Ferrer Fund

Olivier Ferrer was a French artist, musician, painter and philanthropist. Through the distribution of his estate, his family have made a generous and significant gift to enable researchers at the University of Wollongong to address some of the most pressing issues facing our global communities.


As part of the UOW Global Challenges Program, researchers will have the opportunity to seek funding for impactful global research in the areas of climate action, community transformation and the prevention of inequality and injustice at the level of root causes.

The generous donors who wish to remain anonymous, have made a significant gift to enable researchers to solve pressing issues facing our global communities. Their brief is for the University of Wollongong to ‘shake the global tree’ by utilising its strength in interdisciplinary research to solve some of the world’s most complex inequalities. 

The Olivier Ferrer Fund also seeks to promote internationalisation, with a commitment to fund projects with international collaboration, and a strong focus to align research efforts with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal targets and indicators.

Information for researchers

Applications for this fund will commence in alignment with the Global Challenges March 2020 Seed and Project funding rounds. Interested UOW researchers will be invited and encouraged to attend a 2-day workshop in the first quarter of 2020.

UOW researchers can find out more information including a Call for Proposal on the UOW Intranet.

If you are an external researcher or organisation interested in collaborating you can express your interest by emailing globalchallenges@uow.edu.au.