Developing circular economy-aligned scalable supply chains for local agri-food systems

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of local agri-food systems to meet changing consumer preferences and ongoing economic and environmental challenges through the adoption of state-of-the art circular economy practices.

Increasingly recognised as a pathway to sustainable development, circular economy is particularly relevant for the agri-food sector, as it has been heavily reliant on large-scale agri-food systems to meet the increasing dietary requirements of a growing population. 

Working with the Bega Valley Shire community, the project team will explore the current agri-food system business models and best practices to identify viable and scalable supply chains that align with circularity. Using novel methods that integrate technical understanding of food systems and supply chains with localised, qualitative place-based analysis, the researchers will identify and evaluate the potential of regional food networks to scale-up to meet the growing demand for affordable, safe and nutritious food. 

The project will reveal niche local food system circularities, foster industry-research-consumer networks for enhancing regional food system resilience and facilitate regional transitions that would otherwise remain unrealised. 

The team