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We value the power of our varied histories to tell us something new and surprising about the world we live in today. For this reason, we are passionate about improving access to the chronicles of different eras available through our University library.  

What your gift could achieve

  • $55 - will support us to expose previously unseen collections
  • $110 - will support us to create new digital archives enabling interactive and multidimensional content
  • $550 - will support us to promote the planned and serendipitous discovery of new information
  • $1200 - will support us to roll out this extensive collection of notable archival content, accessible worldwide

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Launch of the Becarevic Collection at the UOW Library
By donating my collections to the UOW Library they will be of far more benefit than if held privately. Mr Barry Becarevic, UOW alumnus Donated the photographs comprising the Pringle Album and a rare book from 1789 which provides an early account of this period of Australian history.