Give to where the needs are greatest

When you give to where the needs are greatest, you allow us to efficiently direct your gift to programs according to need and priority.

What your gift could achieve

  • $55 - you could contribute to community programs designed to inspire our future generations
  • $110 - you could support equity scholarships to keep a student enrolled at UOW
  • $550 - you could buy laboratory supplies to help further life-saving medical research
  • $1200 - you could allow a student to undertake placement in a rural or regional area as part of their degree

Why make a recurring gift?

When you give regularly, you enable us to plan ahead and reliably forecast the impact of philanthropy for our supported programs. We can dedicate more time to innovating and raising awareness because we know we have you in our corner. A recurring gift allows you to work your donations into your budget, and once set up, there is no more effort required. Recurring gifts are flexible, so you can change, pause, or cancel it at any time.

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