Commonwealth supported places

Postgraduate Coursework courses with Commonwealth Supported Places

The following UOW coursework courses are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). A CSP is where the Australian Government contributes up to three quarters of your total tuition fee. If you’re an eligible Commonwealth Supported Student you can also access HECS-HELP to defer all or part of your tuition fees. Find out more about Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP).

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Master of Health Informatics
Master of Mathematics
Master of Science (Medical Radiation Physics)
Master of Statistics

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

Graduate Certificate in Dementia Care
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and Rehabilitation Studies
Graduate Certificate in Health Leadership and Management
Graduate Certificate in Health Research
Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Regulatory Science
Graduate Certificate in Science
Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing
Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
Master of Health Leadership and Management
Master of Nursing
Master of Nursing (Mental Health)
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
Master of Science (Dementia Care)
Master of Science (Gerontology and Rehabilitation Studies)

Faculty of Social Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Autism
Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion
Graduate Certificate in Public Health
Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning Practices
Graduate Certificate in TESOL
Graduate Certificate in Work Health and Safety
Graduate Diploma in Adult and Vocational Education
Graduate Diploma in TESOL
Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety
Master of Autism
Master of Education
Master of Education Advanced
Master of Psychology (Clinical)
Master of Public Health
Master of Public Health Advanced
Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
Master of Teaching (Primary)
Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Master of Work Health and Safety
Master of Work Health and Safety Advanced 

Last reviewed: 15 May, 2018