Centre for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping this world in an unprecedented depth and breath.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping this world in an unprecedented depth and breath. This calls for scientific understanding of the potential of AI and professional knowledge to prepare the society for the changes and impacts ahead.

To address this significant need, we:

  1. conduct pioneering research to understand AI technologies and develop innovative theories and techniques for AI, and
  2. transfer our knowledge to industry, community, and society to help people maximally benefit from the deployment of AI
  • Lei Wang
  • Akemi Chatfield
  • Markus Hagenbuchner
  • Wanqing Li
  • Philip Ogunbona
  • Fenghiui Ren
  • Guoxin Su
  • Peng Wang
  • Jack Yang
  • Lei Ye
  • Minjie Zhang
  1. 2021 ARC Discovery Project: Zhiyong Wang; Mohammed Bennamoun; Markus Hagenbuchner; Ah Chung Tsoi; Simon Lewis, DP210102674.
  2. 2021 ARC Discovery Project: Karl Maton; Sarah Howard; Philip Roberts; Christian Ritz; Jie Yang; Yaegan Doran, Building on rural knowledges to unlock the potential of rural students. DP210101426.
  3. 2020 ARC Discovery Project: Lei Wang, Learning kernel-based high-order visual representation for image retrieval, DP200101289
  4. 2020 NHMRC Ideas Grant: Stacy Carter, Nehmat Houssami, Christopher Degeling, Bernadette Richards, Annette Braunack-Mayer, Wendy Rogers, Lei Wang, Khin Win and Maame Esi Woode, The algorithm will see you now: ethical, legal and social implications of adopting machine learning systems for diagnosis and screening​.
  5. 2020 NSW Defence Innovation Network (DIN): Shen Jun and Jie (Jack) Yang, AI for Decision Making Initiative.
  6. 2020 UOW-BUAA Collaborative Grant Scheme: Lei Wang and Peng Wang, Developing Extremely Efficient Deep Neural Networks for Long-tail Image Recognition.
  7. 2020 ACARP: Ting Ren, Faisal Hai, Jon Roberts, Jennifer Hines, Willy Susilo, Casey Chow and Guoxin Su, VR-CFD Based Simulation and Training Tool for Dust Control in Gateroad Development Panels.