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Consulting Services

AI Consulting Services leverages the expertise available at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI), University of Wollongong (UOW).

The Consulting Services aim to improve the AI literary of academic staff, research students and entrepreneurs from a non-Computer Science and/or Information Technology discipline, promote and assist the adoption of AI to improve research outcomes and productivity in business. The services are freely available to

  • UOW academic staff
  • UOW postgraduate students undertaking research,
  • Industries, government departments and communities, especially those in the Illawarra region
  • High schools and TAFE in the region

The types of services include, but not limited to, the following:

Public Lecture Series

An Introductory Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for non-technical professionals will be offered annually by CAI to all UOW academic staff, students, industries and communities during the summer or winter teaching breaks. This lecture series consists of a few specially designed modules on AI literacy.

Services to Academic Staff and Student Undertaking Research at UOW

Various services will be provided to the academic staff and students who undertake research at UOW to strengthen them with AI tools and research methodology, including,

  • Consultancy on questions and enquiries related to AI concepts, methodologies, applications of AI to disciplines and available AI tools.
  • Short tutorials or presentations (in addition to the introductory lecture series) that are tailored to disciplines when needed.
  • Colloquiums with UOW research groups
  • Joint supervision of research students
  • Joint grant applications

Services to Industries and Communities

The AI Consulting Services provides a platform for actively engaging with industries and communities, especially those in the Illawarra region. Typical engagement includes the following.

  • Industries in the region can receive consulting on AI concepts, technologies, applications and information on AI tools and libraries.
  • Through the Services, UOW and industries work together to address practical problems through different suitable means, such as undergraduate and postgraduate projects, research contract/paid consultancy and joint grant applications.
  • Short courses that are specially tailored/designed to industries can be provided as needed.
  • Invitation of industries to give a talk on their technological and business challenges.

Detailed arrangement of the services will be announced soon. Meanwhile, please send any enquiries or requests to or members of CAI.