Lab application process

It's important to review the EIS laboratory safety manual to ensure readiness and awareness of lab risks. Additionally, for access to environmental engineering laboratories, you must complete the biosafety module in Moodle.

EIS laboratory procedure

Complete safety training 

Local lab induction and acknowledgment 

  • Complete lab induction with technical staff or appropriate training officer 

Note: laboratory technical staff or appropriate training officer details can be obtained from
Senior Technical Officer WHS

Applying for lab access 

Note: after hours access to EIS laboratories will only be granted under special circumstances and will be assessed against risk.

Submission of forms 

EIS technical team job requests

To request support from the manufacturing workshop, electrical workshop, CMEA Labs or materials labs teams, use the EIS technical team job request system.  

EIS technical team job request system – requestor manual [PDF 760KB] is available for assistance with the system. 

The request system can only be accessed on campus or via VPN remotely

Need help?

Contact Senior Technical Officer WHS Wayne Ireland