EIS student representatives

Student representatives serve as a vital connection between students and the faculty, actively addressing any concerns or issues impacting your peer group. Feel free to share your questions or feedback with the respective representative. Your voice matters, and they are here to help make sure your experience at university is the best it can be.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) student representatives

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) student representatives play a pivotal role in supporting efforts to enhance inclusion within the faculty. Their commitment involves ensuring a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for all staff and students. The student reps participate in the faculty's EDI committee meetings, sharing feedback on students' perspectives on EDI issues, and offering recommendations on initiatives and matters that impact students within the EDI domain. 

Georgi Coddington
Phuong Do

Faculty student representatives

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides the University of Wollongong greater ability to hear and respond to the wider student voice.

Within SAC, there are student representatives who play an important role in each faculty. They can advise, consult, and make recommendations to their faculty on matters affecting the academic and social well-being of students. If you have any particular issues affecting your cohort please contact your relative EIS student representative by calling the student representation coordinator on 0427 418 401 or 4221 5672 or email uow-sac@uow.edu.au.

Keval Patel
Helena Ibro
Nuzhat Fahrea
Zhizhen Zhou
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School student representatives

School student representatives sit on their relevant school’s committee and can advise, consult, and make recommendations to the school on matters affecting the academic and social well-being of students within their school. If you have a particular issue relating to the student experience in your school you are welcome to reach out to your School’s Student Representative via the email eis-studentreps@uow.edu.au.   

Alexander Tegg
Phuong Do
Annie Nguyen
Sumaiya Munira
Nikhil Pokkandath Swaminadhan
Isaac Bankier
Alexander Bierczynski
Codey Travers
Veronica Carr
Tavjot Matharu

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