2025 Country to Coast Scholarship

Supporting students from high schools in regional and remote areas to achieve their goals

Since 1978, UOW has been committed to increasing access and participation in higher education for students from high schools in regional and remote communities. We’re proud of our regional campuses, strong school & community partnerships, tailored transition & support programs and our institutional commitment to financial support and wellbeing.

We are excited to announce the Country to Coast Scholarship will be available to high school students from regional and remote areas of NSW in 2025. 

Last year we were proud to offer Country to Coast Scholarships and saw firsthand the benefit provided to scholarship holders in easing their relocation and supporting their transition to university. 

This scholarship helps with the costs associated with getting set up for university and securing accommodation. Plus, this scholarship is stackable which means that if you receive a Country to Coast Scholarship, you may also be eligible for a UOW Equity Scholarship or the Australian Government Tertiary Access Payment (TAP).

How the scholarship works

The 2025 Country to Coast Scholarship is automatically made available to 2025 Early Admission offer holders from high schools located in defined regional and remote areas across NSW. Select Indigenous Access Program (IAP) offer holders will also be considered eligible.

The 2025 Country to Coast Scholarship is exclusive to high school students who applied to UOW via Early Admission in 2024. Applications for Early Admission are open at the UOW Early Admission website between 17 June to 9 August 2024.

Successful Early Admission applicants will receive offers to UOW in early September, at which point UOW will also award the Country to Coast Scholarships to eligible students and provide further details and instruction on acceptance. A separate scholarship application is not required.

This scholarship is stackable

Students are encouraged to apply for all relevant scholarships such as UOW Equity scholarships and the Tertiary Access Payments. If eligible, you will receive all scholarships available to you which could mean you receive up to $15,000 in scholarship payments.

When will scholarship recipients receive payments?

Scholarship holders will need to enrol full-time in the first session of 2025, complete a scholarship form and will receive the first payment of $2,500 in January before. the session starts The remaining $2,500 will be paid across two instalments and are conditional on full-time enrolment at census date for the first (Autumn) and second (Spring) sessions in 2025.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students are 2025 UOW Early Admission offer holders or select Indigenous Access Program (IAP) offer holders from high schools located in regional and remote regions:

  • Bega Valley
  • Central and Far West NSW
  • Goulburn and South Eastern NSW
  • Eden Monaro
  • Eurobodalla
  • Murray
  • Riverina
  • Shoalhaven
  • Southern Highlands

A list of all eligible schools is listed here.
Students will need to be enrolled full-time in the 2025 Autumn Session to receive their first payment.


UOW will contact all eligible students directly via phone and email in December 2024 to provide further information and instructions. This will include how to accept your scholarship offer and complete the required forms.

In order to receive the scholarship, students must be enrolled in subjects via the UOW enrolment system and sign a UOW scholarship agreement.

The scholarship is limited to students who have applied via our Early Admission program. Applications close 9 August 2024.

Students who do not apply for Early Admission are still welcome to apply for a range of other UOW Scholarships.

This scholarship has been launched to assist students from high schools in key regional locations to study at UOW in 2025. This scholarship is unable to be deferred.

Yes, receiving the Country to Coast Scholarship will not preclude you from applying for or receiving other UOW or externally funded scholarships or support.

UOW suggests that students invited to apply for this scholarship also investigate the below assistance you may be eligible for:

Tertiary Access Payment (TAP):

The TAP is a government funded payment of up to $5,000 to assist students with the costs of moving to study in 2025. Students commencing University study straight out of high school, who come from government-defined areas of Inner/Outer Regional, Remote or Very Remote are eligible to apply (students also need to have a combined parental income of under $250,000). 

UOW Equity Scholarships:

UOW Equity Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students experiencing financial hardship and other educational disadvantages. These scholarships can be up to $5,000.

If you are eligible, we will ask you to complete a scholarship application. Once we have confirmed your enrolment for the 2025 Autumn Session, you will be sent a scholarship agreement. Upon receipt of the signed agreement you’ll receive an initial payment of $2,500 in January before you start your course. The remaining $2,500 will be paid across two instalments and is conditional on full-time enrolment at census date for the Autumn and Spring 2025 sessions.

Other recommended scholarships

We strongly recommend you apply for all scholarships you may be eligible for to maximise your scholarship potential. You may be able to collect up to three scholarships depending on your situation.

Equity scholarships
Tertiary Access Payment (TAP)

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